Saturday, 26 April 2014

Saturday 26 th April 2014...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Well I have so much to tell you all... where do I start...

Oh yes Starr asked about my car... I love it!! here are a few photos.. 

It really is a lovely car to drive, its the Orlando middle of the range one.. I did not want to top of the range as I dont care much for leather seats!

As you can see its parked in our disable bay... as Jon uses a wheelchair this is a god send as the street is always full.

Yes that is our home behind.. you can just make out the red railings of the ramp that goes right to the front door.  We live downstairs and someone lives up stairs.  Its not really big enough for our needs but its somewhere to live right!

Jon has to sit the the back and I drive... Jon used to drive, he loved to.  But now due to his injury and not being able to sit up straight he cannot even sit in the front.  I am his chauffeur now!! It suits me fine as I love to drive... especially this car!

The car... the lovely car I had previously... see I have not had the chevy that long... was my lovely Vauxhall Agila.  I loved it.. had it from new till 11 years old!  It went every where I went!  As you can see from the photos I have French plates!! Yes it came to France with me when I lived and worked there!

This was from somewhere we stopped on the way back from Andorra.. we went there a lot as its a lovely place.

I do miss my little car... my new car is quite similar just larger!

I have to thank a lovely person now for this next bit I am showing you....

Justine at Justine's Cross Stitch Blog...    

Well the post arrived today and WOW!!! A parcel for me!!! Now I was not expecting anything so this was indeed a lovely surprise.

Everything was wrapped is really cute paper... which I loved!!! And oh I love the blue bell card... its beautiful... really sweet as I have bluebells in my garden.

Look!!! Its just so adorable!! I love it!! The colors the finish... the stitching!! Wonderful! :)

And a special gift... for me!! How really sweet of you to do this Justine.. something really lovely indeed.. I know I will enjoy stitching this.. thank you.

And the thing that blew me away...  

This is MARVELOUS!!! I have been wanting to experiment on different fabrics and thought there should be a pack you can buy to sample various fabrics. I am SO SO happy about this I cannot even express into words!  BRILLIANT!! Thank you so much Justine!! :)

Your parcel Justine really made me smile and I feel honored that you would think of me and post me something.  Its hard to say how I am feeling... but believe me I am VERY happy.  After feeling low and ill this was definitely a mood lifter! 

Thank you again :) 

An update on my stitching... as you will recall I am stitching those beautiful heart designs in the most recent magazine of World of Cross Stitching.  They are just simply wonderful and could not wait to stitch them...

See how I am getting on...

Sorry the photo's are not that good... I will take a better one after a bit more stitching...

I just love the sweet little blue flowers... they could be forget me nots?  I am really enjoying stitching this.  I have changed the colors slightly as I do not have any weeks threads... 

I thought i would up date you... I have finished!!

I just recently seem to be rather rubbish at taking photo's :(  Well I just have to finish it now....

I am taking my iron supplement I just hope it starts to kick in soon... nothing yet.  I will carry on.. its not that bad... at least I can take it now !!

oooh yes wanted to show you all what I ate for dinner last night... I thought I had better eat some vegetables so stir fried a load up and then put a little piri piri sauce on, just a little and tossed them about... a nice warmth to them.  They were rather yummy.

So I am off now.. to do more stitching!...

Smiles to you ALL!! :)


  1. I like your new car, hope hubby likes it too. Nice surprise in the mail. Great stitching I see you like hearts . enjoy your day xxx Lynda

  2. Il t'en arrive des choses dans la journée!!!
    Les petits cadeaux sont admirable,tu est bien contente je vois,et une fois de plus
    ton assiette est délicieuse,sans pili pili pour moi.
    Doux week end ,de nombreuses xxxxxxx

  3. Beautiful stitching
    And pretty photos
    Hugs x

  4. Thanks for sharing pictures of your car and house (love the brick on your house)! What a wonderful surprise you received in the mail! I think it was just what the doctor ordered as you seem in better spirits!! I can't believe you have finished stitching the first heart you only started it yesterday! It turned out really nice and the colors you had on had worked out perfect! Your dinner looks yummy and I hope you start to feel the effects of the new iron meds soon! Now I'm hungry so I'm off to have some lunch!! Happy Stitching!!

  5. Your new car looks very comfy.
    A fabulous parcel from Justine, the colour of the fabric and so lovely and the little pillow is devine.
    Great stitching, you've stitched that up so quickly.

  6. Wow, Justine has been a real sweetie!! You can now try the different fabrics :) Love you bowl full of yummy veg!!


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