Friday, 25 April 2014

Friday 25 th April 2014..... WHAT A DAY!!!

(Borrowed from Google Images)

OH MY!!! OH MY!!!

Well I went out as planned to just pick up my prescription from the doctors.... Its was raining..

I did not take a coat or jumper with me as I thought just nip in and nip out.. then straight to the chemist to collect the medication.

HMMMMmmmmmmm NO!! Appears not!!

I heard a strange noise coming from my car... carried on driving as the doctors surgery is not that far from my house, just a few streets away.

I parked the car in the car park and OMG!!! Seriously!!

Yes a flat tyre!  Got straight on the phone the to the RAC break down people!! Well I could not change it as my car does not carry a spare! 

The RAC man turned up and got to work... a very nice man he was to...

I got to sit in his cab... bearing in mind I only had a t-shirt on I was freezing! (view from the cab!)

As my wheel had a rather large screw in it and a hole it was not even temporarily repairable.. so he had to put one of his lovely orange tyres on.. this would get me to the garage...


Made it to the garage (Kwik Fit) and they changed my tyre and off I went!! So I then went to the chemist to collect my medication...

What a morning!!

I got home not that long ago.. the little trip out should of taken no longer than 30 minutes... it actually took 4 hours!! And all I wanted to do today was relax and stitch!! 

Yes but there was a nice surprise waiting for me when I got home... 

It appears my lovely husband thought I needed cheering up!! So ordered this online for me and it came today... perfect timing as YES!! I needed cheering up!

I first I knew anything about this wonderful design was a little while ago when Mii Stitch (Ingrid) stitched it... and WOW!! her stitching was beautiful...and yes I showed my husband and said I loved it.... and he surprised me buy buying it!! With the threads too!!  :)

Well yes I collected my liquid iron from the chemist and took it when I got home... ewe!!

Just the liquid.. the color is awful.. luckily it had no smell!!

And then I added grapefruit juice...

It looked dreadful... bit like cold tea or coffee... it was fine, tasted like brown grapefruit juice! ha ha ha its all in the mind!! I have to drink this 2 times a day.. lets hope it works!!

Well as I am back best I start stitching... making a start on the hearts today...

I will post an update later...



  1. Oh dear what a morning for you :( Glad the car is fixed and that your parcel arrived on time to cheer you up :D How cool, have fun with this. By the way, not sure if you're using the DMC or variegated threads but for the green of the grass, I have used well more than 1 entire skein... Of course, I'd only bought one so had to dash to LNS to buy another one and as it was from a different batch, I could see the difference in the colour... Don't worry about it, it was hardly noticeable but me being miss perfection!!!
    Can't wait to see the hearts too!

  2. Oh poor you , hope you are ok now , lovely stitching hugs.

  3. Well... your day started with the wrong foot, but ended in the best way: your husband making you a surprise like that! Happy stitching!
    Hope the liquid iron will work!

  4. Hope you feel better soon
    Hugs x

  5. What a frustrating day - made completely better by your husband's thoughtfulness. :) blessings, marlene

  6. Well Lady Jane that was an awful morning but thank goodness for you the guy was so nice and let you sit in his car while he changed your tire. I noticed you drive a Chevy, that's the kind of car I drive too.I'm glad you went to the doctors today to get a different iron medication and have my fingers crossed that this one works for you without any bad side effects!! Not sure it you saw an the Littlehouse Needleworks Group that one of the girls stitched something like your wonderful husband just gave you on a big piece of fabric then stitched all of the sheep patterns around it and framed it. It turned out so nice!! You should check it out and see if you like it. I'm looking forward on seeing pictures of the hearts. Have a good night!

  7. What a start to the day .. but what a lovely surprise when you got home... nice hubby.
    Hoe the new iron does you good and you are soon feeling heaps better.


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