Friday, 27 June 2014

Friday 27 th June 2014....

Hello lovely friends....

I must tell you all I have been really brave today.. actually surprised myself!  Well I went to the dentist appointment and they had to take molds again of my mouth.  I dont like having that putty in my mouth as it makes me gag... my dentist is really nice and totally understands that I am scared so tries to help take my mind off it.  She had me lifting my legs and arms and that really did help... funny huh?!  Wonderful thing the dentist has... the power of distraction!   

So yes... had the molds done and now I have to wait about a week for the mold to be made into my plate for my mouth... I go for a fitting and then if all is OK they make it.... it takes about 3 weeks in total.  I am hoping the time passes quickly!!

Earlier this morning I took Jon to a hospital appointment... to basically see what they are going to do with him and his condition.. its now been just about 4 years since he had  his accident and well out lives changed... we cope I think...  They are looking to get him into a residential place for rehabilitation, to try improve his quality of life.  He cannot sit up straight or walk with one of his feet flat on the floor.. so I am hoping this might improve?  And maybe a better way of managing his pain too?  Its really tough for him most days... going out, even today for a hospital appointment has worn him out... There is a waiting list naturally to get into this place.. we have been waiting over a year already.  They say its more like 2-3 years wait as its the only center like it in the country.  Fingers crossed he gets a place soon...

Oh yes I took a little thing to stitch whilst waiting in the hospital for Jon...
The empty corridor where I was sitting!

Me stitching!! 

After spending all morning and most of the afternoon out.. Oh yes today was an epic day too!!  Han officially left college!  We collected her things and its over!! She has been told for her 2 year course she did she obtained a Distinction grade overall... so she has done really well.... I am very proud of her :)  She has decided to take a break from studying right now as she has to sort out some medical problems of her own.... I hope things improve medically for her.  I will keep you all informed.. 

I even stitched in the car whilst waiting for Han to come out of college!..

So with all the driving I have done today I thought I would take a selfie in my car!! ha ah a

Very silly I know!!! ha ha ha  See my Otter Box cover on my phone... I seriously cannot live with out this!! The amount of times I have dropped my phone.. so pleased I have it as my phone still works! ha ha ha 

I popped over to see mum and dad.... their garden is looking pretty... thought I would take some photo's of their flowers..

This is of a rose bush I bought them a few years ago... its called Anniversary Rose... yes that is its name!  I bought it for their anniversary!  It has the most beautiful-lest scent, I can smell it for ages... wish I could bottle it!

Few more flowers in their garden...

Last one... ha ha with cat legs in the shot!  I think that is one of their white cats called bex... 

So eventually went home and picked up my stitching....

Remember this from yesterday...

Today it looks like this...

This is all the stitching I could do today as I am pretty worn out too.....  tomorrow is another day and I want to make a serious dent in my other stitch I am doing.... you know the one with Blue the sheep in!  

I want to take this opportunity to Thank You all for being so lovely... I did and was having second thoughts about posting me with no tooth.  I need not of worried as you all have been so nice.  

Well I am off to bed now...

Take care near and faraway friends ....

Smiles to you all :) xx


  1. Hi so sorry about your tooth, I had a pemenent one put in on my left front I did noit have general anastetic I just had loads of novacaine, that was 35 years ago the dentist said it would only last 10 years well the tooth has outlived the ten years.
    Good luck with a new tooth.


  2. Goodness me you managed to get a lot done! Well done Han for her college results, you must be one proud mum! Bet she is over the moon too :-) Your parents garden is beautiful, my parents have the anniversary rose too, very pretty.

  3. So sorry to hear about your tooth..
    Sending you big hugs x

  4. Good for Han! You stitched a lot today.
    Would Jon have to live there a long time? I am curious, as you know I myself suffer daily pain and restrictions for 10 years now.

    1. Its a residential place that runs for weeks... I think 15 or 16 weeks... or longer if required. Its a glimmer of hope.. I do hope he gets a place soon.
      Yes did lots of stitching.. do you know I love to stitch! ha ha ha
      I know how you feel my mum had suffered too for over 40 years, she now has crumbling discs and if affects her daily life... I do totally sympathize with your condition.. its so sad that with technology today that more cannot be done to help people.
      Take care and I will keep you posted :)
      Smiles and hugs to you xx :)

  5. Sorry about your tooth - Good for Han!! Your stitching is so pretty!! Well done -
    Best wishes to you and your family - hugs

  6. Huge congratulations to Han!!! You can be so proud :) Plenty of lovely stitching xxx

  7. Congratulations! cute stitching

  8. Ah tis only a tooth lol. I am so sorry to hear there is such a long wait for hubbies rehab (that sounds more rock and roll than it should lol). Love the stitching and the flowers are gorgous. keep smiling!

  9. Sorry to hear about all your medical problems. Stitching is great for hospitals, it really helps pass the time and keep the blood pressure down!
    Big congratulations to Hannah too, great results.
    The strawberry basket looks good, very seasonal.


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