Sunday, 8 June 2014

Saturday 7th June 2014....

Hello lovely people:)

How do you like my chosen words at the top?  I put it there today because I have been singing whilst cleaning the house today! :)  Such great benefits!

Well yesterday was Friday night with friends... ok mine were virtual ones as I dont have any near to me... but still participated. 

I decided to start a little hexie project...

This is where I am now..

I have also decided to do some other colors too...

I am making... something... ha h ah a

I will have to pop around some blogs to see what other bloggers got up to on Friday night with friends.  I will post more photos when I have done more :)

Like I mentioned at the top of this post I have been cleaning.. so today is the first day I have done no stitching .. shocking I know.  I just had to do some house work.. it was getting on top of me and well it turned into a massive spring cleaning session.  But I have not finished yet.. still have the kitchen to do so I may if I am lucky get some stitching done tomorrow?  Fingers crossed.

Thought I show you a mission of mine... to fill this basket with little stitched things :)

You may recognize a few... I made, wonderful Blue Ribbon Designs, my turtles and a gift from Mii Stitch too... where did that odd shaped ... I think it a bunny come from!? lol

Today I popped into where Han is getting some work experience...I was a customer!!  I had breakfast and felt awful as I could not eat it all!

Vegetarian choice with cappuccino :) 

Here was the view from my chair...

Lovely sunny day, quite warm too.

Then Han being Han showed me some products... ha h ah a

Its really good what she is doing... all those new skills she is learning :)  And look working with  a smile :)

Today I had salad for dinner ... it was really tasty too... 

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend 

Sending smiles you way :)



  1. Gorgeous hexies, mmmmmm vegetarian choice looks delicious

    1. Thank You for popping in Sandra :) Not sure what I am going to do with the hexies yet... I like 'making' though! :)

  2. Hello Jacquie,

    Your hexies look great. That basket will be full before to long I am sure. Gosh your daughter is a clone of you!

    Happy days.

    1. ha ha ha if I had £1 for every time someone has said we look so alike I would be a millionaire now! rather funny I think!

  3. You sound like you a so happy today .
    Beautiful work love your basket of stitching, hugs.

    1. Trying to be happy... so much house work to do...

  4. Have fun with your new project :) Love your basket of goodies!!

  5. Oh yes. We have been scrubbing the house from top to bottom. Today is Emerson's graduation party. Both our boys have jobs for a few years now at our local grocery store. So very good for them.

    1. Oh I hope your boys enjoy themselves :) And I wish Emerson a Happy Graduation party :) I hope your parcel turns up on Monday... :)

  6. Love the hexies.... wonder what they are going to be when they grow up! Good grief... you are actually Han's mum! I thought you two were a couple of best friends and college students enjoying life. Well... at least I got the 'enjoying life' part right. Except for the cleaning of course...:o))

  7. The hexi's are growing quickly.

  8. Such pretty hexies and a wonderful basket of goodies!


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