Sunday, 29 June 2014

Saturday 29 th June 2014....

Hello lovely people....

Well I am sorry to say I am rather tired today...

I have managed some stitching, here is my progress so far...

From the start...

I am getting there!  Just have to do a bit on both sides next to the blue line...

I have had a rather lazy day maybe that is why I am so tired?  But I have enjoyed stitching today.  Tomorrow is stitching day!! ha ha seriously Sundays are in this house!  A very quiet day...

Sorry its a rather small post today...

Hope to post a better 'happier' post tomorrow...

Smiles and sunshine to you all ... :)  xx


  1. yummie strawberries

  2. Great progress on this pretty design. Have a great stitching Sunday!

  3. La saison des fraises ce termine,mais quel plaisir a les broder !!!!
    c'est trés joli

  4. Lovely stitching , it's good to have a day to yourself somedays, hugs.

  5. Lovely stitching; I think hospital trips always knock the stuffing out of you. The driving and the waiting and the worrying...have a nice weekend and you will be back with vavavoom on Monday xx

  6. Enjoy your relaxing day and your little crosses :)

  7. Lovely stitching..
    Big hugs x

  8. Looking great! Enjoy a restful Sunday. :)

  9. Beautiful summery stitching!
    Hope you're enjoying your relaxing Sunday:)

  10. i LOVE strawberries and love your project. I hope your energy returns soon.
    Best wishes - xxx

  11. Wow you made fantastic progress!!!! Lazy days are okay, I'm gonna sit and stitch today and maybe take a nap!!! Enjoy your weekend!


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