Monday, 9 June 2014

Monday 9 th June 2014....Maths EXAM DAY...

Today after all the revising I had done I was in a good frame of mind and was really quite calm going into my maths GCSE exam today...

That was until I opened the envelope and saw the white paper!! OMG!!! I felt the stress in me then, my heart was pounding, I was starting to breathe quicker and I just put my head into my hands and almost started to cry.  Why I hear you all say... as you all know I have dyslexia and dyscalculia among other things and well white paper is a huge no no.  For many reasons... gives me major headaches and blurred vision and the letter/numbers move about the page as they are in black.  So I was thinking the worst.. how was I to do this?? How could I do this?? I told the lady who was with me to do the exam and well she said my tutor should of ordered colored exam papers!! All the way through my lessons my tutor gave me pink paper..for all the work... now its white!!  I explained that there was no way I could sit the whole exam using white paper, after 10 minutes I would be fit for nothing.  She went to learner support and acquired a pink over lay.  Well I guess that will have to do!! I am not used to using over lays so the whole experience was not a happy one.. and talk about wasting time... put the over lay over each page, back and forth to read then re-read the questions.. terrible experience.  

As a result I tried my best... I thought up to the page 8 stage I was ok I think.. the last 3 pages went badly I think and then I was stressed to finish it.  I asked for it to be noted on the paperwork that I was stressed with having no colored paper and the fact I had to use an over lay I was not familiar with.

The lady assured me that come Friday the 13th, my next paper (calculator) she is checking the color of the paper and if its not pink getting it copied onto pink!

I am doubting myself now.. not sure I have done enough to pass this??  Well once I have done the next paper they add the scores together and I need an overall pass mark of 70% to pass... its only a pass or fail paper.

Its done.. I did it... 1 to go!!

After that stressful morning I got back home to find the postman had been...eeeek!!! I could not believe it post for me :)

Goodness the lovely Frances's from A Symphony of Stitches blog..parcel had arrived!!! Yipppppeeeeee!!!! I should explain...

A little while ago I entered her first blog giveaway, I know a giveaway!! And well to my utter shock I was chosen.. I know I could hardly believe it!!

The wonderful parcel arrived today.... (with a Christmas theme)

Wonderful charts..

Wonderful fabric...

Lovely cards....

Wonderful reindeer...

Wonderful finishing bits...

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the wonderful bits Frances sent me :)  Thank You so so much Frances :)  The lovely reindeer stitch is adorable and really pretty... I admired it on her blog and am over the moon she sent it to me :)  All the wonderful finishing bits and scissors are GREAT!!! These will SO be used!! As will the wonderful fabric.  OMG!! The Prairie Schooler charts are the best!! I really love them and yes I will be stitching some ...maybe for my own tree this year! :)

Thank You ever so much again Frances :)

The fun did not stop there as I also received a parcel from Kim.. as part of the Round Robin I am in.  I was in two minds whether to open it, or wait as I have not finished my one to her yet.  

Ha ha I am so naughty!! I opened it!! eeek!!! I love sheep and I asked that everyone I partner with to stitch sheep for me! But of course I did!! ha ha a  

Kim from Wisdom with Needle and Thread blog, sent me the most brilliant sheep stitch!  I LOVE it.

Hmmm not sure what is wrong with my excellent photo skills today! ha h a  Lovely card and the most cutest of gift tags too :)  

Just look at these sheep!!! Oh my!!! 

Its so pretty!!!

I will have to pull my finger out and get her 'thing' done ASAP!!  hmmmm I am so naughty :) 

I have a small favor to ask...

Han (my daughter) has recently go into blogging and really likes it, she is learning all the time.  If you can could you pop over to her blog.. Hannah Morris Blog I do have a link in my right hand margin.

See she spent hours changing the way it looks and altering all the settings too... If you could leave a nice comment too I would me very happy :)  

Thank You ever so much... really Thank You :) xx

So you see what was a naff day this morning turned out to be WONDERFUL!!! Thank You so much Frances and Kim for making my exam day special :)

I am going to go now.... and stitch like I have never stitched before to try and finish Kims 'thing' for the Round Robin!! 

Hope your day is wonderful and happy stitching to you all :)

Smiles :)



  1. Jacquie, I am SO PROUD of you - handling the exam the way you did. You GO, Girl! And I'm so very happy you liked the sheep design. ;) Now off to say "Hello" to Hannah

  2. Glad you went to the math exam. You stuck with it and did your best, so that is it. Well done :) Great goodies!!! Someone is going to be busy :) Hugs

  3. You Go Girl!, great goodies, love the prairie schooler designs

  4. My friend also did the Maths GCSE today, she found it hard so I will say the same to you - Hard is good because it means a lower pass mark which is more forgiving of silly mistakes. An easy paper means you need to be much more perfect to pass!
    I would be very cross about the paper though, that is so unfair on you. At least they tried to sort it out and you should get some credit for the stress.
    But what a lovely surprise to come home to!! Bloggers are such lovely people, they always cheer you up.

  5. You made the best of the situation. I am so glad you got it done.
    What wonderful gifts for you.

  6. Jacquie, I am so proud of you for sticking the whole exam out through difficult circumstances. No matter what the result is, you are a winner in my book! Lovely gifties and I am off to visit your daughter's blog right now!

  7. Well done to you for remaining in your seat and finishing the exam, that's fabulous.
    Super parcel, Prairie Schooler designs are so lovely, perhaps you could add 1 ornament design a month to your stitching plans between now and Christmas then you would have half a dozen to add to your tree when santa comes.


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