Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sunday 29 th June 2014...

Hello... I had a lovely sleep and feel much better... better but not 100%...

I managed to stitch some more... 

I have a bit of a dilemma now and hope all you wonderful people could assist me...

My strawberries are finished but I really have no color sense and need a little help with choosing fabric to go with it.

Here is my finished strawberries...

I am very pleased with the way its come out...

Did I tell you all its for a gift for someone?  I love sending gifts.. this is for an exchange with a facebook group I am in.

So fabric choices...

I would of loved some strawberry fabric... looked about but not seen any... so this is what I have!!  I was thinking maybe a combination of 2 fabrics....maybe pink flowery one top right and the pale pink with the little flowers?  Or the light pink with the little flowers and the one at 12 o'clock?  Hmmmm not sure really what .. this is why I need your help!!

And then what and how to finish it?  Goodness its a lot bigger than I usually finish things... I originally thought a little pillow... but its rather bigger than I expected!  Suggestions would be of great help :)

So whilst I am thinking what to do with this stitch I can stitch more of the other design I like!  :)

I hope your all having a wonderful Sunday..

May post an up date later ... showing you what I have been up to! ha ha a

Smiles :)



  1. Your stitching is beautiful and I would use the pink top right.
    They are all lovely , but I like that one the best .
    Hope you will be 100% soon hugs & xxx

  2. Definitely like June! Pink one at one o'clock!! It's my favourite :)

  3. Beautiful finish, congratulations! I'd use the pink at 1 o'clock and the green below it at 3 o'clock

  4. I like the ones at 12:00 and 1:00.

  5. Great strawberries with the country feel. :) I would not go for any red/pink fabric here, sorry. My choices would be one of the darker greens (on the bottom right or left), to accent the picture. :) Too much pink/red can take away the focus from the picture. That's just my feeling.
    Good luck!

  6. Sweet finish :)
    I love fabric at 3 0 clock one
    Hugs x


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