Monday, 2 June 2014

Monday 2 nd June 2014...

Oh what a wonderful day.... 

Just look at my lovely colorful flower at the top ... I put it there as its simply wonderful and wanted to share it.  Let me tell you ... the bush this is on is at the front of my house, I walk past it to go to my car.  I did today and WOW!! The beautiful scent floated all around me as I brushed pasted the  flowers.. I wish we had smell a vision!  It was simply wonderful hence why I am sharing it with you all now!!

Here are a few other photos of the same bush...

So many flowers.. and really quite pretty too.... I love it.

Something a little silly to show you now.... Han took this photo of our Mrs Norris... she simply put it on her Instagram account staying tiny kitten teeth!  I love it!!

I have been a busy person today...  back and forth to the post office... cannot believe I forgot the same thing twice!! ha ha no  bother everything has now been posted and I am so relieved!


Winners... watch out for your parcels!!!  The post office seems to think 5 working days...we shall see!!   I do hope, fingers crossed you like the contents of them?  Oooh one small favor, in all the hype in doing this I 100% forgot to take photos!! I know silly  right!  So would it be possible if you could send me a couple of your gifts so I can post it here on my blog... Thank You ever so much :)  I am still quite excited about it all... eeeekkkk!!! They will arrive soon!! 

Goodness I feel like I should get off here and back to my stitching as the lovely Kim messaged me to say the stitch she has done for me for the Round Robin is on its way!! EEeeeeeek!!! OMG!!! Better pull my finger out and get stitching!!!   Dont worry Kim I WILL finish it...   So I am REALLY excited to know what Kim has stitched... should find out soon!!!!  

I have the Round Robin to finish and 1 more Christmas thing for the Christmas in July stitch.... then I can stitch the design from Blue Ribbon Designs I have been wanting to do.... 

Remember this one....

A lovely stitching friend gifted this to me a few weeks back now.  I know if I start it nothing else will get done so I am trying to hold off... Thank You again Starr Sarrazin :)  

Well I MUST!! go and stitch.... 

Always wanted to say this.... Same place , same time tomorrow!!??? lol

Smiles all around :)

Oh do you need an extra smile?....  Just for you..



  1. yessssss one of those boxes should be for meeeeeeeee
    Of course I will send you some pictures as soon as I receive it!!!
    A big hug,

    1. Indeed it is!!! Hope your excited... I am!!! :)
      Smiles :)

  2. What hard life to be a cat :) Cute picture!

    1. Han takes the credit for the photo! Yes Mrs Norris is cute when asleep!!! ha ha a

  3. Sweet cat :)
    Pretty pictures x

  4. Thanks Jacquie! For the present coming to me and for the smile.:)

  5. How exciting to see those lovely packages!!! This week will be full of anxious excitement and I will let you know when mine gets here! Thank you so much!!!
    That is such a sweet kitty!!

  6. I know it is all very exciting :) I will be waiting to see if they actually do get to their destination!! Wonderful :)

  7. It's going to fun to see what was in those packages! I'm sure the winners will be thrilled. Just one question - will you open your gift from Kim before you mail hers? :o)

    1. I hope they are thrilled.... We shall see :)
      Ooooh now I never thought about it.... Maybe I will wait, only fair you think? I just hope I get it's taking ages as the detail is very small... Oh I am enjoying seeing it appear on my fabric..I just wish it would appear quicker!! Thank you for popping in :)


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