Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wednesday 25 th June 2014... Yiipppppppeeee blogger is fixed! - with up date... Thank You Peg :)

Oh my!! 

What a terrible time that was with what seemed no access to Blogger!?  I tell you I have no idea how I coped before starting my own blog!!  I did at first hit refresh button constantly.. then got bored with that!  Then I tried to ignore it... hmmm I am just no got at that either!  Gosh I tell you for me it was awful.... 

I have become blogger friends with you all out there.. and along the way made some new friends and faraway friends too.  To have you all cut off for a day or was it two.. felt like months.... was dreadful.. but hey were all back now!! But are we all back?  Hope so!  

Well here in England its time for Wimbledon... Tennis.  I am not actually a fan of tennis! ha ha ha I dont watch it, dot understand it!  But its tradition when the tennis is on to eat fresh strawberries and cream!  So not one to back out of tradition ha ha ha... I naturally had to eat some strawberries and cream!  mmmmm

Well I have actually been quite busy indeed.... 

I have been stitching gifts for lovely friends, I love to send gifts... some things I make may not look like much but if you do receive a gift from me rest assured its stitched with love as I love to make people smile.

Here is one of them...  I tried something new, finished the wrapping off with a cute button... watch out for it.. it may be on its way to you!

I am also pleased to say the lovely Kim has now received my Round Robin stitched piece so I can share what I sent to her now...
This photo is taken from Kim's blog as forgot to take one of all I sent!

Close up...

I am thrilled Kim likes it!  Its stitched on 28 count even-weave 1 over 1 so took me forever to do!  Not to mention all the concentration!  I love using variegated threads, I find them a lot of fun to use and the colors they create whilst stitching make me smile.

So I am now onto my next Round Robin partner.. its the lovely Cucki... its all very exciting and I have chosen colors and the design to do... now to stitch it!   Again I will show you what I send Cucki once she has received it... until then... Sssshhhhhh its a secret!

I have more of an update to show you of the stitch I am doing... its for me!! And will be getting it framed once complete...
Here is probably how you remember it, when I started it...

Oooh yes!! I had a great tip off one lovely follower... to add a piece of material under the clip of my daylight magnifier... just in case it left a mark on my fabric.  Thank You for that!  I have now placed a piece of material under the clip just in case.

Here is where I am now...

Oooh yes!!! Do you like me wonderful needle minder?  He has a name...  he is called Blue and he was a gift from a lovely faraway friend :-)  I adore Blue, so cute.  Thank You.

A close up...

I just love the way this is stitching up.. something rather silly now.... I cannot say 'squirrel' as you all probably say it... I pronounce it squrle ... always have!  I think these two squrles are cute... cannot wait to stitch more.

A little while back I was lucky enough to be chosen by Peg from Happy In Quilting blog  for one of her prizes for her Cookshed giveaway celebration, I am so lucky, look what she sent me...

How lovely are these things I was sent, my apologies Peg as I thought I had already posted about this wonderful gift you sent me.  I am really quite excited about making this... Thank You kindly for choosing me :)

I have an exciting giveaway to tell you all about... its from Heather over at... Heather's Stitching Story

Its an amazing Lizzie Kate giveaway... fingers crossed as I would love it!  Go take a look and join in the fun :)  The closing date is 1 st July :)  Good Luck!

I have thought about adding a little scent to a little pillow I make as something different... so Jon bought me this to try...

Let me tell you the scent is mmmmm I love it!  So calming and oooh mmmm just nice!  So I thought maybe someone as a little treat and a kind of tester.... would like to receive a little pillow made by me with this?  If you are interested in being a part of my experiment ha ha h a then leave a little message saying you would!  I will pick someone and send a little scented pillow to you.. all I ask is that you let me know what you think... ha h a not of my stitching!  Of what the pillow smells like!  What do you think?  I find it all rather exciting as I have never made a scented pillow before.

Well that is me all caught up!

Until we meet again! ha ha....

 And remember to leave a comment....  xx


  1. There's definitely been some sort of blippy thing going on, hasn't there. I'm glad to have it all back to what passes for normal too!
    J x

  2. Yay, back to reading all the lovely posts! I missed you all :)
    Looking forward to seeing more of your little squirrels.

  3. Wonderful projects! The button is a very nice touch.

  4. Oh my goodness - what a great post. I feel so lost when I can't get to my blog and read what others are doing. It certainly makes me feel connected - I love making friends all around the world. Boy, those strawberries look so GOOD!!!!

  5. you gorgeous girl......glad you liked your little

  6. I'm with you, can't live without Blogger and I've only posted a few times hehe. That bug left me without access to everyone's wonderful journeys and I felt like I'd lost a limb! Glad you are all back :-)
    Love your little parcel. Hope you have fun with the lavender too xxx

  7. What a lovely post again, love every thing you have made .Your round robin is lovely .
    Yes we all get withdrawn with out our blog reading , so happy to have it back and can see what friends are working on. Enjoy working with your Lavender, I will be cutting and drying mine next month , have fun.

  8. Wonderful variegated thread you used for the RR, such a pretty design you chose too, its gorgeous.
    Squirrels are not my favourite right now, 3 little blighters keep invading my bird feeder this morning and have stolen all the food!

    Quick tip .... Be careful if you send scented pillows like lavender overseas, some customs do not allow vegetation into the country. I know of one stitcher who made something wonderful, sent it to Australia and the customs cut open her parcel and cut the stitching to remove the plant seeds. So sad after such hard work went into it. Here in the UK I've sent lavender scented stuff and it arrives safely. That ends todays little word of advice .... lol

  9. Beautiful stitching, Jacquie!
    It's good to know I wasn't the only one going crazy without access to Blogger;)

  10. Lovely stitching and what a lovely surprise is waiting for someone, beautifully wrapped too. I like the idea of the button.

  11. The stitched heart for Kim is beautiful! I'd love to take part in your experiment. :o)


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