Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sunday 8 th June 2014... oooh!!..

Today I will be mostly revising! EEeeek!! Monday morning at 9.30 am I will be sitting the first maths exam (memory test) and let me tell you all I am petrified.  I hope I remember things... frightened I will just go blank... then Friday the 13 th  what a day!! I have my second maths exam (memory test)... then its wait all over summer wondering if I did ok.... 

Its just pre-exam (memory test) nerves no doubt?

Also today I MUST clean my kitchen... I was really good yesterday I went a little mental with the cleaning.. I gave my living room and bedroom an over haul and I am pleased at the new 'clean' look :)  Now today to tackle the kitchen!! 

Today I thought I would post some photo's of Han and I as one comment yesterday made me chuckle... Han and I where ever we go always get comments like... are you sisters and when we tell them I am the mum people dont believe us!  And they say we look so alike... its really funny as my parents allays call us each others names!

Han and I...

This one we took whilst on a jaunt to Amsterdam!

In the gym...

We both shaved our heads for Great Ormond street charity...

Just us!

 On our pier...

An old one... I think Han is 15 here...

My favorite... taken in the South of France where we lived...

This was on Han's school Prom night... us being silly!...

There are many many more photo's of us both together... I just picked a few out.  Hope you liked them :)

As for stitching and sewing... I may get a change to sit down later and do something?  If I do I will post an update tomorrow when I come back from the college :)

Happy Sunday to you all :)

Smiles all around :)



  1. Yes, fun and lovely pictures. :)

  2. OMG you really look like sisters! You are so alike!

  3. So much fun and sweet pictures x

  4. Wonderful photos - this entire post made me smile! xoxo

  5. Wonderful photos - you DO look like sisters!!

  6. Beautiful pics, beautiful ladies! On the one where Han is a teenager I could tell you are her mom, on others I would not have known if you did not tell me! Anyway, good luck on Math exams! Friday the 13th is cool - I always think of it as a lucky 13!

  7. Wow, you really are alike!!! Us older parents have the opposite problem, hubby has been asked "is that your grandson?" when out with our little one and my best friend was asked the same thing in the supermarket with her 3 year old "Is Nanny treating you to choccy biscuits today?"
    Whereas I can pass for a mere 38 most days LOL

    BTW I think it is excellent that Han has a job in a cafe, I think it should be compulsory for everyone to work in a pub, shop or cafe at some point in their life to teach them to appreciate how difficult the general public can be!

  8. Great pics of you both.
    Wishing you good luck for tomorrow, you'll be fine...deep breaths and stay calm. Xx


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