Monday, 16 June 2014

Monday 16 th June 2014... Quickie....

Just a quick blog entry...

Yes today we all went to the Harry Potter Studios in London for the tour.....

We left early and literally just go back!!  Its almost 11 pm!! ha h ah ha  We all LOVED it!!!

I dont have any photos ready for you all to look at yet... I tried to take some but I am useless!! Han however took over 300!! so we will sort through them tomorrow and I will post them then.

I just wanted to pop in and let you all know we had an AMAZING time  :)  We all thought it was so surreal walking about looking at all the things from the movies.

Hope you all had a great day too... and did heaps of stitching!  I will catch up tomorrow! :)

Smiles to you all :)



  1. Sounds like fun - can't wait to see the pics!

  2. Been there and isn't it fab .... I took over 300 photos too ....sooo if all else fails heheheheh love mouse xxxxx

  3. I'm so looking forward to go there.... soon!! :) Glad you had a nice time!

  4. UUUUUUUH I want to be there!!!
    Can't wait to see the pictures!


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