Thursday, 19 June 2014

Thursday 19 th June 2014....

Hello wonderful people :)

Today I received some Happy smiley post.. actually I opened it and nearly started to cry.  Oh happiness... see I have never received something from another stitcher for my Birthday before.  It took me by surprise and how lovely it is too....

The lovely Vickie from A Stitchers Story sent me this... yes I opened it early but I did not know, I hope you dont mind.

This is the wonderful sparkly card Vickie sent... look at the wonderful poodle on the envelope it came in!!

This was inside...

The pretty bunny card is adorable and put a huge smile on my face... And oooh those pins are beautiful too... Vickie made these for me!!  I am so lucky :)  And tea.. I love herbal tea.. cannot wait to try these :)

Here is a close up...

They are really beautiful...  Thank You Vickie :)

A wonderful early Birthday treat!  Thank You, Thank You and Thank You  :)

I forgot to show you these wonderful coffee's Han made Jon and I at the coffee shop... I love them!

Something I have made... for a stitchy friend in the Facebook group I am in.... its a freebie you can look HERE for the link and there are many others too..

I am not 100% happy with this one... maybe I will stitch it again on linen for another look.. 

I will be taking part in the ...

As its still only Thursday I will post What I make tomorrow... on Friday :)

Feeling happy... 

Smiles to you all...




  1. What a lovely gift from Vickie. Love your finish and the coffee looks so yummy.

  2. such a sweet gift from dear vickie :)
    yummy coffee..
    hugs x

  3. Brilliant coffee Han! Also love your little parcel from Vickie :-) xxx

  4. Yay! I am so glad you are happy with my gifts Jacquie! And honored. Yes, honored to be the first to give you a stitchy birthday gift. I know JUST how you feel about that. I was grinning from ear to ear when that same thing happened to me. And all because of this wonderful stitching blog community.

    Gotta say those are some fancy coffees Han is dishing up these days! =)

  5. Replies
    1. lol its not until tomorrow! (21 st) But Thank You :)

  6. Vickie is such a sweetie , love your gifts and Happy Biirthday , big hugs.

  7. Oh my, such a sweet little gift from Vickie. Enjoy!
    I love hte little pillow with the bird, and I also love the finishing.

  8. What a happy post!
    Your birthday is tomorrow, June 21st isn't it?
    So I hope you don't mind if I wait until tomorrow to wish you happy birthday: here in Italy is not a good thing to anticipate wishes... :-)
    Have a nice day!

    1. yes on the 21 st! Tomorrow is good Thank You :)

  9. Hello Jacquie it's very nice to meet you!
    Thank you for visiting my new blog and leaving such a nice comment.
    Firstly, happy birthday for tommorrow and what a lovely present from Vickie(:
    I love your finish it's so sweet.
    Great coffee too!
    Enjoy your Friday night stitch in and have a good weekend.

    1. Thank You very much Milly for popping in, your very welcome :)

  10. What a great presemnt from Vickie, I have some of her counting pins, they are lovely to use.


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