Thursday, 12 June 2014

Thursday 12 th June 2014...

Hello lovely people!!

The Birthday message and smiles are for a dear friend who's Birthday it is today!! Its you dear June!!! Over at Butterfly wings!!  I want to wish her a lovely Birthday with many smiles...

If you too would like to wish June a Happy Birthday feel free to... 

I am over the moon the be able to say that ALL of my parcels have now been delivered!! Yipppppeeee I was so worried just in case they went missing.

Rose (HER BLOG LINK HERE) was getting a little worried but its fine as the parcel turned up today.... and I am thrilled she likes all the bits I sent her.

She does have some lovely photo's on her blog (take a look and go visit her!)... here are a few...

Hope Rose can put all the things I sent to good use...

And WOW!! Let me tell you the last parcel also arrived at Frances's (HER BLOG LINK HERE) home too!! 

Here are some photo's from her blog too... (take a look and go visit her)...

I am over the moon that Frances likes the gifts I sent to her for 1st prize in my first ever blog giveaway!  Thank You for visiting my blog and joining in the fun :)

I have a confession... I did not take these photo's!! See I was that excited about packaging it all up I forgot to take photo's!!  Seriously forgot!! Did not even take on!...well Ok I did... of all the boxes filled ready to go at the post office!!

The painters have now finished in my home!! yipppeeee but they used gloss paint on all the woodwork and my house now smells like a paint factory!! ha h ah aa  It all looks so clean and new...pretty :)  I tried to take a photo but the sun is too bright and the photo is showing nothing.. maybe when the sun goes down a bit?

Oooh yes,.... Kim you will be pleased to know I have completed your Round Robin 'thing'!  I will post it tomorrow and I hope you like it :)  Photo to follow once Kim has seen it :)

Tomorrow is my final exam ssshhhhh I mean memory test!  Its the maths calculator paper and well I am not looking forward to it as I still have not mastered the scientific calculator!... not sure I ever will either!  Its just too darn complicated!

Oooh yes.... look at my wonderful basket now...

Lots of great things in there.. you may even recognize a few?!! :)

So all the that is left for me to say is I hope you all are well and smiling?  I want to Thank You all for visiting Han's blog and leaving kind of you to do :)

And Thank You ALL so much for visiting my blog.. its always lovely to see you :)

Smiles :)



  1. I really feel spoiled... but I'm here to wish you good luck for your memory test!
    Fingers crossed!

  2. Thank you sweet friend for the Birthday Wishes.
    Lovely post love the basket of goodies it is growing you will need a bigger basket soon. Hugs

  3. Thinking of you... you'll be taking the memory test right about now ... GO JACQUIE ... you can do it!
    More lovely gifts you've sent out, lucky ladies.

  4. Good luck with the test Jacquie! You can do it!!!

  5. Lovely gifts and presents. And a great basket, it's so nice to have things made by other people. It reminds you of all your lovely friends.

    Good luck with the final test too.

  6. Anyone would be more than happy to receive those parcels! What a wonderful basket full of stitchy goodies!


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