Monday, 30 June 2014

Monday 30 th June 2014...

Hello to all you lovely people out there!

I have been stitching away and finished my strawberry design...  I did have many ideas about how to finish it... but went with this... Something I have not tried yet and it was a little tricky but I think it looks ok.    I put a red fabric on the back... same as the strawberries.  Its a friendship pillow :)

I also stitched something for a friend too.. using the lavender ... after taking some really useful tips on board I put a few of the lavender bits into a little hand made square and then put that inside the little pin cushion I made,.. I love the smell of it... so calming... I will have to make me one!! ha h a

The little pin cushion stitch..

And it all wrapped up ready to post..

I love sending gifts out...  Birthdays are a great time to send gifts out :)  

Well today has been an interesting day.. and useless one too.  I had to take Jon to another hospital appointment today.   Today we thought for a CT scan... recommended by our family doctor as Jon has been getting bad head aches and his right eye lid had drooped as well as loosing some vision from that eye.  So a CT scan was going to check if anything was going on, one thing that was to be ruled out was a tumor.. I think it would be nice to know.  So we saw the neurologist today and thought it was a CT scan too.. erm.. no!  The neurologist only duplicated what the doctor said and agreed that Jon needed a CT scan!  So you see a wasted journey really... now we have to wait for another appointment... this time for the CT scan!  No idea as to how long that is going to be?

Never a dull moment here!!

Its Han's turn tomorrow!! ha ha she has to see the doctor, an early 8.30 am appointment!    Like I say never a dull moment here!

I WILL be stitching my 'happy' design tomorrow as I want to work on it... so up date tomorrow on that :-)

Ok... off I go... 

Smiles and sunshine to you all :)



  1. What a beautiful job , love your two pillows .

    What a wast of money , I have also been there two appointments when it could have been one !

  2. They both looking so sweet
    Well done x

  3. Great finishes! Your friendship pillow is just adorable :)

  4. Very well done on the pillow.:)
    I am praying for a swift appt for the CT scan.

  5. Lovely pillow - hope the MDs can find out what's causing Jon's discomfort.

  6. Sending you hugs in this tough time. I love your cushion finish, it's beautiful! And you should defo make yourself a lavender pillow, be good to have something nice to focus on. Hope all goes ok xxx

  7. That's the NHS for you .... the same happened to my DH!!! Hope Jon is soon sorted and feeling much better.


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