Thursday, 26 June 2014

Thursday 26 th June 2014....

Hello... here we are again! ha ha 

Gosh I put the note at the top about smiling today because y smile is..erm.... not the same as yesterday!  I bet this sounds a little cryptic... well OK I will try to explain...

Well way back when I was 2 years old I fell over and cracked one of my front teeth.. ever since then over the years I have had bother with it.  Then around 14 it was taken out as it had died.  Then I was left with a hole!  I know at the front of my mouth!! Well over the years I have had crowns and dentures but never a permanent fixture.  See I am petrified of going under general anesthetic so will not go for surgery to have a permanent fixture.  So I put up with a plate, kind of denture for now... this is what I had in my mouth....  I say had because yesterday I lost it!  I know how on earth can I lose my tooth?!!

Well see I take it out of my mouth to bite food as I am afraid of it breaking.... I took it out yesterday and put it in a safe place ... now I cannot find it... my first thought was OMG!! then naturally the tears come as its really stressed me out.  I mean its my front tooth!! I cannot pronounce words properly and its really hard to talk.  Today Jon phoned the dentist and luckily I have an appointment tomorrow.  They will want to do another fitting then it will have to be made again... the process takes about 3 weeks.  I am really distraught over this... we have pulled my house apart looking for it, no sign of it... its disappeared.  
Thought I would be brave and show you what I look like without my tooth... I look really tired and stressed...

Its dreadful.... and makes me not want to open my mouth or smile... shame as I love to smile.  

Well seeing as I have been trying to take my mind off this I have done a lot of stitching... its eating strawberries that set me off!  I did have more...mmm and a yummy salad...
My salad...

My strawberries...

Then I decided to stitch this....

Its not finished yet, but you can just make out what it is... I still need to do a lot of work on this.

I also did more on this..
Can you guess what it is yet?
Blue looks right at home on there :-)

Close up..

Really loving this design... I would of put my post up earlier but I was busy stitching this!! ha ha

Well I have to go out tomorrow... taking Jon to a hospital appointment and then I have to go to the dentist later... I will just have to keep my mouth closed all day.  Its just the fact I cannot talk properly, and might not be understood.  And then there is the fact people will look at me and wonder why I have a missing front tooth... maybe I should put a sign around my neck?!!  I have to keep my sense of humor through this... 

Hope your having a wonderful day and its full of smiles?  Have a smile for me!

Take care now all of you.... 

Happy stitching...



  1. It's a sweet stitch :)
    Smile and enjoy your weekend
    Hugs x

  2. Sorry to hear hat you have lost your tooth. Not very funny. I hope that the replacement will be done as fast as possible.
    Great stawberries, the real ones and the stitched ones. I also love to stitch them.

  3. Bless you Jacqui ...I too have a false frontie after an accident when falling on the edge of a swimming pool when I was 11, so know just how you feel when its not there. Mines called a 'Maryland bridge' and is fixed to the teeth either side, done at the dentist and no need for anaesthetic. Perhaps the dentist can come up with something better for you with new technology all the time.
    love and {{big hug}}

  4. Oh dear! Where is that missing tooth gone??? I hope your dentist will make a replacement promptly. I can understand why you are so self conscious, but don't worry it will get sorted soon. I love your strawberry design. Looking really pretty already :)

  5. What a mystery! Mrs. Norris didn't take it somewhere now did she? I am so glad you are getting in to the dentist promptly.

  6. Hi Jacquie,
    I can relate to your fears... the dentist and dental problems scare me to no end. I wish you to be brave and to come out of this situation better than you were before... Hope that was not too cryptic. I confuse myself sometimes when I type.
    Have a good day! The strawberries look wonderful - both the stitched and the real ones... yum!

  7. I have trouble reading comments so if I'm repeating what everyone else has said, I'm sorry, but... Please keep smiling! It's part of what makes you so special. And to paraphrase an old quote, those who matter won't care and those who care don't matter!

  8. It is lunchtime and your salad looks fabulous! I would love to have that recipe. Even though your tooth is missing, you should still smile on. All smiles are worth sharing. Also, the stitched strawberries look fantastic. I love all of your crafty ventures that you have shared with us.

    Elfrieda Sevigny @ Simmonds Dental Center


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