Saturday, 14 June 2014

Saturday 14 th June 2014....

Hello wonderful people out there....

The sun was really hot yesterday, I went to my exam... finished it.  Gosh it was a little tricky but I am pleased I completed it.  Then met Han in the college for coffee... see its the college she attends!  

Went home and relaxed... well tried to!  I think a combination of the weather and me concentrating so much in my exam left me really tired.  It was not until I sat down that I realized how tired.... I just could not stop yawning and then my eyes would not stay open...

I thought by stitching it may of woke me up a little... wrong!

I did manage the next border... its now ready for Mary Mouse...

Not sure really what to do today?.... see I have several options..

1. Make the last Christmas thing for Christmas in July exchange.
2. Carry on stitching Mary Mouse.
3. Make so little gift tags.
4. Make a pretty pin cushion for a FB group exchange.
5. Make a mug rug/mat for my dad to go next to his PC... for Fathers day... yes that is tomorrow!! eeek!!
6. Start a new project.

So you see I have plenty to do!!  Its just organizing myself to do something!  I guess I should have a go at the mug rug/mat for my dad?  He uses his PC a lot and does drink coffee by it ... so this is how I come up with this!  Not really made one... I have checked out a few places... its hard for me to follow some things, I will keep looking for 'simple' and 'idiot' fashion instructions!  Maybe yes this is what I will do today..... maybe an update later!?  I know Stitchers Anon makes wonderful mug mats and just wish I could like that?  I am sure many others make wonderful ones too... OK I will give it a go!!

Yesterday as you all know was Friday 13th!!  How did your day go?  As you heard from me my energy was zapped from me!! ha  ha ha a  Just curious to know if spooky weird things happened to you?

Yesterday I was not really in the mood for eating... just this tasty salad...

Must be the weather?  

Today is much cooler as over night we had a massive thunder storm.  In fact even now at almost 11 am the ground outside is still showing signs of rain that come down over night.  Yes a lot cooler today.. let hope it stays cool.

Ok I am off to do some stitching now... or I should say to get the things together to make a wonderful mug mat!!

Smiles for your day :)



  1. Well done for getting exams over with. My exams finish next Thursday and I'm finding it hard to concentrate too! Do something nice that you will enjoy today :-) you deserve it after working so hard! ~Summer

    1. Thank You I feel GREAT now they are finished!
      Happy stitching :)

  2. What a relief you must feel completing your exams. Congratulations! Enjoy your stitching.

    1. Over the moon they are now done! Yipppeeee!!! Happy and smiling whilst I stitch! :)

  3. Whew! That's over and done. Plug away at the mug rug. It will be great!

    1. Yes pleased ... sigh with relief as am now finished with the exams. I am giving the mug rug a go... hope it will be!? I will post photo later :)

  4. So glad to hear you're through with that math exam!!! Even though you are exhausted, it's ok because that is over and done with!
    You'll get that mug rug done and he will love it! After that, it looks like you have a good number of things that will be fun to work on--the hardest part is choosing which one!
    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Phew!! All exams done!! yipppeeee! And I am giving the mug rug a go.... we shall see how it turns out? Then oooh lots more wonderful things to do..

  5. cute stitching, love your fabric choice

    1. Green is my favorite... saying that though... I love all colors!! ha ha Color makes me smile :)


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