Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Wednesday 11 th June 2014...

The BIG gosh is because I know some of my gifts have reached their destination....

As you are all aware I have not really been posting much of what I have been stitching, this is due to them being gifts!  I am still stitching the Christmas things.. cannot revel them until July 25 th!  And the Round Robin I am pleased to say is almost done too!!! I should be able to show that once Kim has received it.

I sent a little packet to Starr Sarrazin as a Thank You for the lovely chart she got me....

The little back was fun... I stitched a little design on the front :)  Hope Starr enjoys this :)

And do you remember I had a giveaway.. my first one... of course you remember!! I sent out 3 prizes and I am delighted to say one has arrived at its destination so far!...

Second prize went to the lovely Vickie from A Stitchers Story Blog...

Here are the things I sent to Vickie...

Some old, some new and some mmmmm!

It was also very recently her Birthday so I made something special for her.. and another 1st for me!! I made a tote bag with a red work design on the front.  Vickie has 2 adorable poodles, Henry and Mabel so I had to stitch something with a poodle design!

I had so much fun stitching the poodle design and other bits I am so pleased Vickie likes her gifts :)

I only hope that the other 2 parcels arrive at their destination soon... 

I must go now as I want to finish Kim's Round Robin design, its almost done...

I have the painters in today.. painting my hall way as it recently got re-plastered... dont you just love the smell of paint?  I have opened all the windows!!  Good job the weather is nice!

My hall way and front door.. ha ha good job I dont want to go out!

Hope it will look fresh and clean when done :)  This is the under coat... the walls will be a lovely shade of magnolia when finished! 

One final thing...

Smiles to you all :) 


  1. Yes indeed! I do love my gifts. Thank you ever so much Jacquie.
    Magnolia sounds lovely for wall color.

  2. Vickie's gifts were awesome! I LOVE the tote bag, so cute :) I'm off to stitch too xxx

  3. The tote bag is so CUTE! How creative!

  4. You always put on a lovely post , love all your stitching and gifts you made , love what you stitched for sweet Vickie .

  5. How many lovely things... the "bee happy" little cushion are so cute!
    I'm still waiting for the postman to come... uuuuuh it's like the night before Christmas!

  6. What a great bunch of goodies for Vickie and Starr--that poodle bag is just perfect for her! I know she was thrilled :)

  7. Beautiful tote cute x

  8. I've been on vacation, and when I got back my giveaway prize was there waiting for me!!! I LOVE IT!!
    Thank you so much! It's like Christmas in the summer! I'm putting photos over on my blog--
    Thank you again!!!!!

    1. Your very welcome :) Thank You for joining in the fun of my first blog giveaway and winning 1st prize :) xx

  9. The tote bag with the poodles is perfect for Vickie! Such lovely packages to send out.

  10. A perfect parcel for Vickie, the poodle tote bag is fabulous.


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