Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sunday 1st June 2014...

I seriously cannot believe it.... the 1st of June already???  Goodness I think this year is flying by.

WOW!! I think I am still stunned at how many people joined in the fun with my first blog giveaway... it was wonderful.  Thank You ever so much all those that entered, I loved reading your response to the wish question.

And to all those new followers I have... "Welcome" and I hope you like what I post about.  I try to post all the things I am working on...

A little tricky at the moment as I am working on a few secret things!  And I dont want to show them as it will spoil the surprise.  They also have deadlines so I have to stitch and stitch to get them done... 

I am very regular on my blog, posting everyday unless there is a problem or I am out!  So be sure to pop in and out as you wish.

Ooooh back to my 1st giveaway prize winners.... you will be pleased to know I will be going o the post office tomorrow and they will be on their way to you ... yipppppeeeee!!  As I am posting them all pretty far away could I ask that once you receive them to just let me know?... I would hate to think they got lost somewhere in transit.  But I think I will pay for tracking as I could not bear it if they did not arrive.
And for my winners again....

Something wicked to let you all know about...

Han (my daughter if your new!) well as you know she recently had her 19th birthday.. where does the time go?? So yes the one place she wanted to go to was to see Harry Potter!  Oh goodness she is Harry Potter mad!  So we got tickets to the Harry Potter studio tour in London.  You should of heard her scream!! ha ha And all we keep hearing (that is Jon and I... Jon is my husband if your new!) is OMG!! OMG!! its the actual things they used in the films!!  yes!! I say!!  ha hah a

I have set up a count down clock..just for fun!  

Here is a link to their home page if you want to take a look... LINK 

Here is a clip of the studio I found on YouTube.. looks awesome!!

So yes we have this to look forward to in June... and Jon will be coming with us as we are taking the car and stopping plenty of times.  It will be a special occasion as like I say it is a treat for Han for her Birthday and special too because Jon will be coming out with us!  Yes see Jon does not like venturing out much... not since he became a wheelchair user.  I think it will be a rather special day for all of us.  And no doubt Han will take millions of photos too!! 

Look at this giveaway...

Oooh almost forgot to say.... Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is having THE most amazing giveaway... 

There is also a link at the top of my right hand border.

Look at the beautiful colors, they are ALL hand dyed threads.. from the new 1840 Sampler Floss line. ( I borrowed all the wonderful photos from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Blog page to show you all about this amazing giveaway)

5 lucky stitchers will win 5 colors.. which is 20 yards of each color or 100 yards of floss in total!!  Just think of all that stitching!! WOW!!

I have not really had the chance to stitch with hand dyed floss yet... I should imagine it would be awesome and so pretty too.  Well I am entering so fingers crossed!!!  And Good luck to you if you are entering too :)

Now I really really must get back to my stitching but before I go I must all tell you about a petition I felt compelled to sign... and after reading the details I hope you all sign too.

If you hop over to Chookyblue blog LINK HERE all will become clear.  And Thank You for taking a look and supporting a needy cause.  The link to the petition to sign is availab,e through the link.

Goodness... this is an added bit as it totally slipped my mind....

I would love to wish Ingrid over at Mii Stitch a very happy Birthday today :)

I would love it if you have a minute to just pop over there and wish her Happy Birthday :)  That would be lovely... and I Thank You for helping make her day special :)

OK... Off I go to do some stitching!!

Smiles to each and every one of you :)


  1. Do let me know how it goes! We will be going at the end of July :) I'm so looking forward to go, the website is so promising, isn't it? Hugs xxx

  2. Sounds like a grand tour. Looking forward to your 'report' :)

  3. Happy June - I may not comment often, but I read your blog daily - it makes me happy! :-)

    1. Thank You so much!! You just gave me a massive smile with your lovely comment. :) Happy June to you!! :)

  4. Can't wait to see your secret project!!!
    About the HP tour... what a day! I planned to do it with my kids one day... don't know when but I definitely want to, in particular me and my second child are mad about it!
    Now I'll give a look to the links you suggested... have a nice Monday!
    Here in Italy today it's holiday so it will be the best Monday of the year!!!!! No office today!!

    1. The secret projects are the round robin and Christmas in July.... And something special going to a friend.... All the photos will be posted once they receive them! Aaaaarrrrgggghh I don't like waiting! Very excited about going to Harry potter :) have a lovely day relaxing :)

  5. What a lovely treat for Hannah and you all, HP fan here too.

  6. What a lovely treat for your daughter, and it will be a great day out for you all (another treat!).
    See you soon, Suzanne X

  7. thanks for sharing the link.........much appreciated............

    1. No problem, I was more than happy too :) I really enjoyed your Birthday celebrations hosted by Peg. It was GREAT fun ... Hope you had an amazing Birthday :) xx


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