Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sunday 15th June 2014....

Today as a lot of you already know is Fathers Day.. did you know I was actually born on Fathers day!  Ha a oh no its not today!  Apparently as the days move every year so does Fathers day... I can say that on one of my next birthdays it will fall again on Fathers day!  ha ha some totally useless information for you all!! ha ha ha Hope your all having a lovely day or remembering good times...

So what have I been up to today??  Good question!

Well I took my newly made mug mat to my parents house and gave it to my dad.  He loved it, especially the caravan I stitched.  I told him it was called a mug mat.. kind of a coaster here!  And he said oh no cannot put my coffee on that, what if I spill it!!  I said that was the whole point and to just pop it in the washing machine!!  So he proudly placed it by his PC and put his mug on it!  I am thrilled he likes it.. its the first thing I have made for him... sure I made cross stitch things for picture frames... never anything practical.  It was new for me and I loved making it.  Only thing now is my mum wants one!! ha ha  

Her it is if you missed it....

I have been stitching all day and am pleased to say I have now completed all 3 yes all 3 of my things to make for the Christmas in July exchange :)  Yipppeeeeeeeee  I challenged myself a lot with these as I have never made them before of finished anything like that before either.  Sorry I cannot show you what I made as I need to post them of to my Christmas partner! SSShhhhhh its a secret remember!!!

I have also been using my sewing machine.. I made a few things and tried again to stitch in straight lines!  OMG!! Its surely a simple thing to do... I just get wavy lines no matter how slow of fast I go!  I will keep trying though as my sewing machine will not beat me!!

So this is what I have made...
I actually stitched this mouse oh so many years ago and thought it about time I did something with it!  I made it into a little pillow to go in my ever growing basket!


Then another project I stitched a while ago too.. needed a finishing look...


I did have fun making these... thats all that matters ...right??  And I guess the more I make the better I will get... some logic?! ha ha As long as I keep having fun then great!

I did some more stitching on my Mary Mouse too...

I am really enjoying stitching these animals... they are just so cute.

Not sure if you know but we are all off on an adventure tomorrow!! Yipppeeeee!!! The count down is almost at zero.... 
Han is VERY excited... she has been wanting to go there ever since it opened and tomorrow she gets to go there!! EEEEeeeeekkkk!!!!!

I am not sure what time we are due to get back.... so depends on when my next post will be.  I will try to make a quick post even if I am tired.  I bet I will be very excited and just want to share it with you all.

I have popped around some of your wonderful blogs... you are all so very talented with the things you make.  And WOW!! some really pretty gardens out there too...

Smiles to you all


  1. I really liked the Goodwill pillow - is it Little House Needleworks design? Looks great, amazing finish.
    Have fun at the Harry Potter studio. Tell us all about it when you get back. :)

  2. beautiful finishes

  3. I'm not surprised your Dad loved the little mug rug you made for him, it's lovely.your other projects are great too!

  4. Great post and wonderful finishes, your dad must be so proud of his mug rug .
    have a lovely week hugs.

  5. Oh, this little mug rug for your Dad is so sweet. No wonder that he was thrilled. Now to make one for your mom, too, lol.
    I love the two little pillows you made. I'm a fan of little pillows and love baskets full of them. Very nice, your finishing.

  6. The green fabric for your little animals is so eye catching. Lovely pillow finishes, you are doing great with the sewing machine.
    Perfect gift for dad... and of course mum wanted one too.. who wouldn't lol.

    Have a fab day at the HP studios.

  7. So glad your gift was very well received by your Dad. :) Now for your Mum's huh? ;)

  8. I'm so glad your dad loved your gift. When we make something and give it away, I feel like we give part of ourselves. Beautiful finishes, Jacquie!! Have fun on your big adventure.

  9. Really love the little mouse pillow. So cute!

  10. Great little cushion finishes! Have fun at HP studios :)

  11. I agree with your Dad, the mug rug is far too nice to spill coffee on!

    Your pillows are looking good, you're getting very good at this finishing business!

  12. glad Dad loved his mug rug, what kind dose MOM want. love the pillows too. have a great day hugs lynda ruth from Purple Pixie Dust.

  13. Oh My Jacquie...your stitches are PeRFecT! Lovely designs they will make super gifts! :)


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