Saturday, 2 August 2014

Friday 1 st August 2014... Friday night with Friends :)

Good evening... ooops here I am again late :(

I try to be on time.. its really hard when I have seriously no concept of time... it just flies by.  Today has been a rather odd day.. do you have them?  Goodness... well I got up today and did not want to stitch... Jon thought I was ill!!  I really have no idea why I just did not want to... well I just milled about, watched TV and surfed the net for a few hours.. hmm OK all day!  And it was not until around 8.30 pm I decided I wanted to stitch again!  OMG!! What a time to start something! ha ha

I did look at the 2 wonderful stitching projects I have on the go already... you know the Advent Animals and the wonderful Blue Ribbon Design... but I was craving color...

I wanted lots of color... 
I know its really bad and naughty of me... but I started another project!  Oh but this one is another happy design :)  With lots of color!  Eeek I am terrible!  Dont worry I thought I would start this one and do a bit each day on my other 2 designs.. and stitch this colorful one as a kind of reward to myself.... hmm yes I am trying to justify me starting it! :(

Do you want to see my start then...

Ha ha can you guess what design it is? oooh If someone does I will send them a surprise in the post! :)

That is it so far!! ha ah a I am stitching it on 28 count Jobelan in ivory.... stitching over 2.  It will grow and grow...a fairly large design... no more clues!  Get your thinking caps on!

Oooh yes did you notice I have moved lue the sheep to a new 'field' now... ha ha with Blue on my fabric I call the fabric a field! Yes I know I am crazy! ... but happy with it!!

So today is Friday Night With Friends... I love doing this as its such a cool feeling knowing other stitchers and sewers all over the world are making things too... wonderful :)

Thanks once again to Cheryl at Gone Stitchin' for organizing this... :)

What am I stitching for this... my new design.. I hope to have it finished by the time the next Friday Night With Friends comes around!  Oooh what an interesting thought!

Love popping around other stitchers blogs to see what they have been up to... hope those popping inhere are not too disappointed as I dont have a lot to show.. although Thursday I finished my first ever table runner... using applique .. I am thrilled with how it turned out.. does that count?

Here is is if you missed it...

Ooooh must tell you all about something I saw today... well as you all know I love Blue Ribbon Designs and visit Belinda's blog often.  On a recent visit I noticed something just perfect for people just starting out learning to cross stitch or those who want to brush up on their skills.. 

A wonderful DVD that is jam packed full of beautiful designs and covers lots of topics too... made really well and very professional too... 

Oooh and the best part.. there is a $5.00 coupon off!!  What a great opportunity to buy such a wonderful thing.  Its only for a limited time only so hop on over there!! 

Oh yes... HERE is the link!! :)

My lovely husband,.. Jon... went and did something naughty!  I received a parcel from him today.. see every now and then just out of the blue he will buy me very sweet of him.

I was not expecting it and well I was thrilled... when I lived in Germany I used to buy 4711... I love it.  I dont buy it so much now as it is rather pricey in England.  Look what he bought me...

Its the new scent from 4711... and yes I think its lovely... I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband.

Well I hope your all having a lovely weekend... ha ha its now Saturday according to my clock! hmmm I really have no concept of time!

OK well I am going now and I will post later..

Smiles to you all :)


  1. Hi Jac you little night owler ha.
    Looking forward to finding out what your new design is.
    Lovely gift from DH lucky girl . Big hugs.

  2. J'aime beaucoup le 4711,chez nous il faut l'acheter en Allemagne c'est moin chére
    Mais j'adore particulièrement ta toile Jobelan,je n'en ai jamais acheté.
    Doux week end

    1. J'aime 4711 ... très heureux mon mari m'a acheté certains!
      Tissu Jobelan est aussi nouveau pour moi .. il est agréable de point sur​​.
      Avoir un bon week-end
      sourires xx

  3. I just finished reading through the last ten or so posts and it was fun to catch up on your adventures and stitches. You have so much going on!! Love your Happy stitch and the Abbey Rose piece that is waiting in the wings. Looking forward to more adventures and stitches!

  4. What a great husband - he's a "keeper"!!

  5. Hi Jacquie. I'm new to your blog. Your new start looks lovely. I can see why you wanted to start it. I have no idea what design it is though!

    Your table runner is beautiful.

    How lovely of your husband to treat you :).

  6. Yummy looking cologne! I'm not familiar with it, but your hubby was very sweet to get it for you!
    With all the wonderful things you've stitched, I would also wonder if you were sick when you said you didn't feel like stitching!!!! Maybe you needed your temperature taken!! HA
    I have no guess at all on your mystery stitch..will be checking back to see what it is!
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. Beautiful gift from hubby.
    No idea what the new start'll have to stitch more girl another clue lol.

  8. Gorgeous table runner, thanks for stitching with me on FNwF.

  9. Love the table runner!! Your hubby did well to surprise you and get something you love!!

  10. The table runner is amazing and your hubby is a real treasure :)


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