Saturday, 16 August 2014

Gosh I have been busy!

Yes I was really busy for the Friday Night Sew in.. I totally forgot to post yesterday!! I was so engrossed with what I was doing all I wanted to do was finish it!  And I am pleased to say I have!!!

Want to see what I have been doing...

It started like this...

Then grew a little more...

Into this...

I made it for my mum as she loves witches... 

I stitched it on 32 count permin linen  and use felt to back it.  I really enjoyed this one, a lot of fun to make...

If you recognize its this... "You forgot my car seat" by Prairie Moon.

... I just did not use all the design... photo taken from 123.stitch .com

Oh I have not neglected my Blue Ribbon Design.. "Garden Sampler"... not at all...

Here is an up date on that...

This is what I did... the last 2 sections ready to be filled then its complete!

And we bought some bake from the tin Pain au chocolate... mmmm

These were a lovely 'naughty' treat... I had 2 :)

My Friday night with Friends spread to Saturday too!! And I had a whale of a time :)

I hope you all had fun ...

Well back to my stitching... 

Thank You for popping in and feel free to leave a comment :)

smiles to you all :)



  1. Love the witchy stitchery! and I like the fact that you left out some of the details......looks better like that. Your cross stitch sampler is also really had a busy FNSI.

  2. You were so busy!! Love the witch..your sampler is going really well! Hope you enjoyed your treat!

  3. I love your witch and how you finished it. Your sampler is beautiful.... Your treats look good too.

  4. La sorcière est en forme !!! pas trop dur de broder le noir!
    Tu avances si vite on dirait que la seconde broderie arrive déjà a la fin,mais trés jolie,je l'aime bien.
    NO..... pain au chocolat.......YES Salads

  5. Super finish of the little witchy, she's cute!

  6. Your witch is SO DARNED CUTE!! Your Mum will be so proud - and love it!!

  7. Your witch finish is so sweet!

    Lovely progress on the BRD :)

  8. I love the witch so much..
    So sweet...beautiful stitches..
    Big hugs xx

  9. Lovely stitching. Glad you had a busy, fun evening.

  10. Wow, you really do have smoking needles! I suppose that is what happens when you don't have small children anymore. I guess Hannah puts herself to bed now LOL.
    The witch looks great, you're getting good at these ornie finishes too.

  11. You are one quick stitcher!!! I like that witch, and your finish! If you keep this up, you will have a Halloween tree at your house!

  12. Gorgeous. Love the finish you used!

  13. Great finish for your Mum, she will love it.

  14. Wow Jac lovely witch for your mom what a great finish , all your stitching looks fab , hugs.

  15. A perfect witch finish for you mum :) I love the fact you didn't use the whole design, it is just really cute xx

  16. Hello Jacquie - just visiting from FNSI. I love your witch and there is some beautiful work in your garden sampler. xx

  17. Great stitch and finish. I see you're putting masking tape around the edge of your fabric. I don't bother to do anything with my edges (and I've been stitching since 1997!) yes they fray a bit but I find they stop after 1/4 inch or so and less waste than cutting that tape away... and you can start right away!!

  18. I really like the witch project. Very nice finish! Can go both as Halloween and as Christmas decoration on the tree. :)

  19. WOW! great work, so productive for Friday night.


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