Monday, 11 August 2014

Monday 11 th August 2014...

I do hope your all well and happy today?

Here in Southern UK its... well rather windy!  To be honest the weather at the moment is more like April shower weather!  Goodness we keep having what I describe as torrential down pours!!  Then the sun comes out and the wind... oh the wind.... its picking up.  I thought I would take the risk and hang some washing on the line.. ha ha I will probably find it a few houses down in their trees later!! 

The weather has been rather strange the last few days..
Here is what we were told...

Yes!! All true!!  ha ha makes a change :) 

Are you all keeping well?

I have been rather busy stitching...  Do you want to see??

OH ok!!  Its  the Blue Ribbon Design, Garden Sampler..



Its coming along :)  Very much enjoying this one.  In places I have had t really concentrate as there are a lot of fractional stitches... its still very enjoyable :)

Oooh yes!!

I tired to crotchet!  OMG! Disaster!!

Look.. its kind of started off ok...

I tried the next step... hmmmm

 Thought maybe it was the wool!! ha ha so changed it..


Well like I say it was a disaster!  I tried and well I just could not grasp it... but as you all know I am no quitter.... I will try it again, in a while! ha ha 

I love the look of all the granny squares all stitched together, the colors... the nice things that can be made... if only!!

On last thing to leave you all with ...

I had a furniture moving session and took some drawers out of my bedroom and added them to my stitching area!  See I needed more storage...

Lol you cant actually see them!! ha ha they are in the middle at the back with everything on top!  But yes this is my stitching, sewing everything area!   Tidier now I might add!! :)

Ok.. back to my stitching!

Take care everyone and happy stitching..

Smiles :)


  1. Wow, you've made amazing progress on your sampler!!! You're one step ahead of me with the crochet!!! You're giving it a go :) I might one day. Don't give up, I'm sure you'll get there xoxox

  2. It's a very cold day here...your stitching is so beautiful
    Sweet hugs xx

  3. Hello

    It's windy up North in the UK today too! My gazebo is hanging on by the skin of it's teeth!

    Your sampler looks beautiful, great progress!
    Keep going with the crochet - it will click eventually (:

  4. I love your stitching area! And the stitching :) The weather has been crazy almost everywhere, just grab a cup of tea and keep stitching. Hugs

  5. Have you looked at a blog called Attic 24. Lucy has some wonderful tutorials with great pictures to see how to crochet. That's where I learnt to crochet and I know quite a few other ladies follow her.

  6. Loving that garden sampler! Too cute! And your stitching area looks like a wonderful, cozy place to sit back and relax! How fun!

  7. Your BRD is looking great, lots if progress there.
    I've not tried crochet and I'm sure mine would look like a bunch of knots! I wonder if your tension is the problem?
    Your stitching area looks like mine, things on top of things! I do know where everything is though. There's a kind of strata system where the least used things sink to the bottom and the most used rise to the top LOL

  8. Love your stitching area and such a comfy looking chair!! Your sampler is coming along really well...I agree with you having a look at Attic 24 - has the best tutorials....and lovely pictures...

  9. Gorgeous stitching. Keep going with the crochet and if you need help come ask.

  10. Génial !un coin bien fourni,de quoi s'occuper les longues journées d'hiver a venir§
    Bonne reussite au crochet.
    Color is lovely

  11. Oh wow, you have been adding a lot to your Garden Sampler. And it is all looking so nice.
    It won't take long and you will be crocheting as if you had been doing it for years. It's all a question of practise ...

  12. Your stitching area is the stuff of dreams! Your stitching chair in particular looks very cosy :) The weather is bizarre right now, isn't it? Perfect excuse to stay in and stitch :)
    Best wishes.


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