Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Happy Post Day :)

Hello friends... 

Today was going to be a 'normal' day.. until the postman arrived... as per usual he got here just after midday.. we must be last on the list.

So yes... the postman arrived and I got a parcel!! A parcel!!! 

cue the happy dance... and yes I did dance around my house!! lol

It was from Chris and Always Smiling Blog....

So a little while ago I entered a giveaway... fingers crossed on winning the wonderful stitched project for a 6th Blogaversary I thought.  The design was really pretty and the words that were stitched were lovely.. actually something I thought I would say to Han, I thought.  The design was called... "Dandy Dreams" by Silver Creek Sampler.

Here is the original one taken from Chris's blog.... 

Its stunning... really pretty I thought having never seen it before or anything by this designer.  I really love the words and the whole look of it too.

The lovely Chris then made it into a wonderful pillow for me.... oooh yes and sent some goodies with it too :)

I just could not stop smiling...

Just the cutest scissors ever!

Ooooh and a Lizzie Kate chart... my fist one I might add!  Its lovely :)

WOW!! Its wonderful.... even more pretty close up... I LOVE it.

Here is the contents of my happy post parcel... look even a lovely card too :)  Thank You ever so much Chris :)

OK so now I have this massive smile on my face.....

should show you how my sheep are coming along, they are just so cute.


So this is where I am so far....

I had to stop work just for a little while on these adorable sheep... just a little while as I have been given my next Round Robin partner :)  yippppppeeeee!!  

My next partner is Catherine from I Love To Stitch blog... I pretty much have free reign over this next one... just not to use orange!  Sorry I cannot show you what I am stitching...oh no.... see its a secret! sssshhhh!!  But I will show you all one it has been receive :)  If you want to see what other Round Robin things I have been stitching and what has been sent to me.. here is the quick link to where I am keeping hem all... HERE

So that is it really....

Take care everyone...

Remember to smile :)



  1. What a lucky girl you are!! I just love that pillow! You will find the perfect place for it, I'm sure! The other goodies are great, too! Lizzie Kate's charts are so much fun and usually work up fast, so that makes them fun to stitch!
    Precious sheep!!!
    This IS a happy day!!!

  2. Sweet parcel from Chris and great progress on your sheep project :)

  3. What wonderful gifts! The cute scissors reminded me of Mrs. Norris. Haven't seen her in a bit. How is she?
    Those sheep are soooo very cute!

    1. It is sad to tell you that we no longer have Mrs Norris or Cumbercat... I have fond memories of them both. Unfortunately we had to foster them out as they just became too much for me. It was a hard decision to make but realistically I could not cope with them, Jon, Han and the home. And after a visit to the doctor's they thought I had an allergic reaction to their fur too as I just kept getting ill. We had them for 5 months... we have been told they are together in a loving family now.

  4. I just love the saying on your New Gift!! With a Parcel like that I would be happy dancing too!!
    Have a Great Wednesday!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  5. WOw lots of lovely goodies.

  6. Love your cute!!! Your surprise gift was wonderful, love the words too!

  7. You have recieved very lovely gits . Those lamb Alphabets are so cute I remember them from the magazine ! Enjoy Your Stitching!

  8. Wonderful parcel from Chris's giveaway. I've been lucky enough to meet Chris in person, she's a fun lady.


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