Monday, 25 August 2014

Happy Bank Holiday Monday :)

Hello friends..

Thought I would share my most favorite photo to you all... yes its Han and me!  It was taken during our little jaunt to Amsterdam at the start of the year.  It just makes me smile every time I look at it so this is why I am sharing it with you all.... it makes me happy :)

So continuing on with the sharing theme, thought I would share some more things with you all....

Well my parents are away in their caravan for a few days... I received an email from my dad... all that was in it was this photo!!

My mum then phoned me and said that dad bought this for her for dinner!! EEEEEkkk I have never seen such a massive crab!  It is sitting on a large dinner plate!  Huge!!  

Han and I yesterday went to a Chinese supermarket called Wing Yip... its about an hour away from us, it was a nice drive.  Han being Han took some random photo's so thought I would share them too....

Sticking with the 'fish' theme!  Ha ha... yes its alive, but look at the size of it..

And this one... I am no way brave enough to try this!!

Looks interesting though... you think?

Sharing my diner today!  I made a lovely vegetable spicy stir fry with noodles.... mmmm 

And now sharing what I have stitched today...

Its thanks to Kim for sending me these rather cute sheep designs :)

I started earlier today, I am stitching a word as the cute sheep are part of an alphabet... any ideas on the word yet??!

A bit closer...

And one letter and sheep finished....

Any idea on the word?  I will give you all a clue this letter is I and its the middle letter of a 5 letter word.

The fabric I am stitching on is a bit of dyed fabric I found I ordered ages ago from Polstitches.. its lovely.  

Onto stitching the next letter....

I hope you are all well and happy :)

Smiles :)

xx  :) xx


  1. Well knowing you the word has to be SMILE! That's my guess. Lovely photo of you and Han, not sure about some of those foodie pics though! Happy Bank Holiday to you too.

  2. damn that is a big crab, you could make actual crab sticks and then Jon wouldn't be able to say that they hadn't seen a real crab ;)

    1. Yes!! I could not believe the size of it when I opened the email! :) Thought nanny would of told you? lol For those reading this.... Hannah is my daughter! ha ah a

  3. You and Hannah are two peas in a pod!! Lovely photo!! Thank you for sharing all the photos, much smiling here!! Although I am not sure what I would do with a crab on the plate!! Happy Bank Holiday to you too!!

  4. Yum! Veggie stir fry is my fave :) Great photos, I look forward to seeing your latest project grow.
    Best wishes.

  5. I agree with Justine, I think the word will be smile too, and of course sheep are your favourite, the perfect chart, it is a cute little sheepie.

  6. Lovely pics, I love crab and lobster.. my youngest son used to go deep sea diving and often brought a crab home for me.. yum yum and very, very low in calories.. loved the stir fry you did. Haven't got a clue about the word and I should do as I play Lexulous (on line scrabble ) all the time with DH.. I am winning!
    Your pressie is on its way and you should get it tomorrow, DH has just been to the PO down the road in the car because it is hissing down with rain here and has been all day!
    Thank you for the comments about the quilt, I am just about to iron the fabric for one for my DD
    Happy days
    Chris x

  7. Yum, I love fresh crab :)
    Great little sheep stitching, I'm guessing the word could be SMILE!! No? Maybe? :D
    Big hugs xx

  8. That is a lovely picture of you and Han! Very sweet!
    I jumped a little when I saw those drinks....thought it was something exotic with ants in it!!!! HA
    I'm so hungry right now--that veggie stir sure looks good!
    The sheep is a cutie!


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