Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Wednesday 6 th August 2014.... Lots happening... oooh and a Giveaway!

Hello lovely friends....

Well today I had planned to stay at home after our trip to the hospital today.. ha ha no that was not going to happen!! My parents called me to ask the way to Ikea!! Hello!!! Well see hoe could I refuse not to take them! ha ah yes I have been in Ikea Southampton all day!! ha ha a  Parents wanted some more fitted sheets for their beds .. an a few other bits! I got some lovely fabric... I will find a use for! ha ha 

Here it is...
Cotton gingham.. I think that is what its called...

Some wonderful news...

Cucki has finally received my Round Robin stitch I send on the 19th July!! Eeeek that too forever and I sent it International tracking... so pleased I did!!

So here is what I sent her and what she sent me...

Her theme she wanted was Fall/autumn..
I stitched this..

I also made some felt leaves to use as pin cushions...

Cucki sent this to me... remember my theme is sheep! 

Wonderful!!! I love love love the sheep design its adorable :)  I had an email and I thrilled to know that Cucki likes the design I did for her and her pin cushions.

This is...

Well after thinking about what to do with my work in progress projects I have decided to show you them all now and then you can see how far I am into each one and how far I have to go too.  I think this way it might help me to stay focused on actually completing them!

OK .....

Project 1
Blue Ribbon Design "Find Your Happy Place"

And what it should look like when complete...

Project 2...
Blue Ribbon Design "Garden Sampler"

And what it should look like when complete...

Project 3...
The Drawn Thread "Sampler Game Board"

And what it should look like when complete...

So yes these are the 3 I am concentrating on right now.... as soon as I have finished one then I will start on the Advent Animals... I chose to wait to do those for now as they are really quick to stitch up and I can do one in a day or less.  So need to get stitching these!!

As I stitch these.. do you think I should work on 1 per day?  Or a little on each per day?  Hmmm I just need a little more organizing really.. and would love some suggestions as I find its always good when someone suggests it! 

And as it happens Thursday ... tomorrow that is... I am at home all day.. ha ha unless I get a phone call!  So I can  do some major stitching I think.

Oooh yes do you all want to see what I got from a friend yesterday....

Lots of magazines and a few books and a lot of the freebies that come with the magazines and a DMC stitching collection set... I was so excited... I guess like a child in a sweet shop!  That is as close as I could get to explaining how I felt!

I had a quick sort through and a few things I know I would not use, so I am offering them FREE TO GOOD HOME :)  
Please look in the tab at the top (or click the link)... and if you want something please leave a message and I will post it out to you... hopefully I can pass on the smiles to someone else :)

I do have a double up book... so thought I would offer it as part of a little give away... 

Its this book..

Its a hard back book with some cute designs in.. I appreciate it snot every ones cup of tea... but I am sure someone will like it!?  I will also put together some 'other' bits to go with it.. and if you have joined in on one of my giveaways before you will know its something I really love to do... just to make people happy and smile.  So if you would like to join in on the giveaway just leave a friendly comment saying what type of design is your favorite thing to stitch?.. you know like maybe... fish, or cats or birds.. just in one word if you can?  Oooh I bet that is tricky... I would find that hard... I love to stitch all sorts!! ha ah ah a  And as always I love your comments so feel free to leave one...

Oooh yes... I will choose a person randomly on Sunday 10 th August :)

Smiles to you all.....

Thank You so much for stopping by and Happy Stitching...

xx  :) xx


  1. oooh, I love all your WIPs, Blue Ribbon Designs are great and I have that Gameboard pattern somewhere but I cannot find it for the life of me! Please count me in for the giveaway. Hmm, one word to describe what I like to stitch - Anything! No, but seriously, I like cats, hearts, houses, samplers, etc. hugs, Kaye

  2. I do hope everything went well at the hospital. I know you both must get tired of going!
    Each time you mention IKEA makes me want to go! I am determined to find one in the next place I visit!!!
    It's like an early Christmas to get that big box of FUN! That should keep you busy forever!!!
    I was just thinking, myself, that it was time for another giveaway on my blog! Giveaways are such fun and everyone seems to enjoy them! You have a knack for making people happy!
    Love all your stitching--it looks great!

  3. All your WIP's look amazing, love the top saying! The little sheep is so cute!! I keep saying I am going to find Ikea and explore but maybe one day!! Haven't made it yet! Your box of goodies would be very exciting - no shortage of ideas of things to do there!!

  4. Don't enter me in the giveaway, but I would finish your "Find Your Happy Space" first it looks almost done and then work on the other 2 at your own pace, they all look lovely, have fun. oh and the lamb you got is so cute!

  5. Hello dear thank you so much for my lovely rr stitch and cute pin cushion and I am glad that you liked mine too :)
    Aww please count me in the giveaway ..I truly love this book and I love to stitch cute things cats birds and ladies :)
    And anything sweet too :)
    I don't have this book and it will be a pleasure for me
    Thank you
    Love xx

  6. All your wips are so lovely
    Happy stitching x

  7. I like working on one project at a time, but I suppose it's a personal choice :) Ooh, what a fun giveaway! I'd love to throw my name into the hat please, I like animals, LHN designs and the colour green :) Hope that helps, thank you :)
    Best wishes.

  8. Great gingham fabric :)
    I love the autumn finished you made, they are adorable!!
    Great giveaway, you'll make someone happy for sure :)

  9. I love cross stitching everything to do with sewing (buttons, scissors...). I also love gardening tools so I'd finish

  10. the garden sampler. Sorry this was all supposed to be one comment! Love your leaf pin cushions!

  11. Oh, you are getting close on "Find Your Happy Place". I hope Jon is doing well. No need to include me, as I KNOW how wonderful your packages are, I have won from you already!! Thank you.

  12. Great Stitching , and love the R/R's you and cucki stitched .
    Love your materails I love gingham so clean looking . Enjoy your day .

  13. I love to stitch cute and it depends on my mood. Right now I like birds.
    I would work on whichever project you are in the mood for that day. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't. I have trouble with some projects taking so long I lose interest.

  14. I like to stitch critters, especially cute ones in reasonable sizes (aka small ;) ). I've been loving the woodland sampler from frosted pumpkin stitchery. Love your leaves! They are so pretty. And I could use that "Find your happy place" on my wall. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. I'll pass on the giveaway but had to comment and say how lovely your autumn finishes the pincushion leaves!

  16. Anything for my grandbabies :)

  17. Great post, I love the leaves you sent to Cucki. I think I have that freebie design bookmarked... International mail can be a nightmare, I've had things take 3 days or 3 weeks.
    I find it really helps to show regular photos of my WIPs. I'm not really into the whole rotation thing but I think one a day would be easier to keep to.
    Don't enter me into the giveaway please but for the record I love to stitch Fantasy and Samplers :-)

  18. I love reading your blog. I would love to be entered into your giveaway. I stitch lots of different things. My favourite colour is purple. You can visit me at
    thanks Ann

  19. i have a thing for gingham and your happy place is what I live by..again..too cute for words

  20. Love your stitch work and the leafs are so pretty and useful.
    Theresa N

  21. You have your work cut out for you with the project your have going. They will be wonderful when you're done. The autumn leaves are beautiful. I'm rather fond of frogs.

  22. Wow!everything is so cute!
    Thank you so much for this lovely giveaway!
    I love this kind of work.
    I m new and very happy to follow you and enter this nice giveaway!
    Fingers crossed!

  23. Your Garden sampler is coming along beautifully and I love Cucki's RR you stitched for her, such beautiful colour choices you came up with for the leaves.


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