Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tuesday 12 th August 2014... Got To Love YouTube!...

Hello friends....

I hope your all well and happy :)


Yes of course I am happy!! I am happy, happy, happy!!  Why your wondering?  ha ha apart from me being my usual happy self yes I am even more happier!! 

I am happier because my Blue Ribbon Design is coming along GREAT!  I thought I would show you my progress...

It started like this...

And now this is where I am...

I basically have 2 more sections to do.. yes they are large sections but I can do this!!  More stitching tomorrow, I am sure I can have this done by the end of the weekend.. I know I can do it.  

Tomorrow is Wednesday so that means... Hospital day!!  Yipppeeee!!! ha ha I am terrible!  Yes this week it is the highlight of the week!  Seriously it is!  See nothing else going on at all.  Wednesday is Jon's session with the physio team so I get to stitch in the hospital again!  Oooh now what do I take with me?  I could take this design, on a hoop.... hmmm may do.

I have been thinking of taking up my exercise again with Trevor... if you dont know Trevor is my treadmill!!  I have been experiencing more and more pain in my left knee lately... see I have rheumatoid arthritis in my knee and I should really help myself more to control the pain in it.  I really do not want to experience the pain that admitted me into hospital for a week previously.. so I need to look after myself more.

I should really start to concentrate more on my well being and diet again... yes its true I have let things slip recently... you know how life messes things up.  I need to get back on track again... sure I am still eating healthily but I need to add some exercise in the mix I think now... just to stay on top of things.

A while back I was on the BBC with Han, they followed our weight loss journey... I watched the clip a little while ago and WOW!! I am still blown away at how much I have changed!  But like I say I need to stay on top of things and keep up the good work.

Thought I would show you all the clip... if you had not seen it...

Yes the video was done with Han too as she was and is on this journey with me.  Its a real shocker for me to watch... and I guess it a constant reminder of where I was and how far I have come... and the journey I still have to travel on.

One reason why I started blogging was to help me figure out myself and to keep me on track with my weight journey.  There are so many people out there that are on the same path as me.... we have to do this one day at a time.. and I guess the secret is to find what suits you best.  

I used to be a total sugar junkie... serious one, and I cut it out totally slowly and now I really cannot eat sweet sugary foods.  I taste buds have changed and I still think its shocking I dont like sweet things!

I know all you lovely people out there in blog land will give me support and encourage me to stay on track... its all about the wellingtons!  One day I will wear some!

Blogging has helped me in many ways, with my English, with my weight loss journey, my stitching and sewing... and I have made some lovely friends along the way too.  

For all those out there who think they are alone.. your not, the blogging community is wonderful :)

Ok enough I think for now!  

Oh yes.... my giveaway parcel has been posted ... look out for it Bekca :)

Smiles and happiness to you all :)


  1. Love the Blue Ribbon design project!

  2. Thank you for sharing the BBC clip and well done to both you and Hannah for your weight loss....what kind of wellies are you going to get??? I have seen some beautiful ones here with red cherries all over!! Very posh!!! Your stitching is coming along so well!! Good luck to Jon with the physio!

  3. So great to see how your weight loss journey has changed you and Han losing so much weight. What a success! I wish you the same success for the future.

    This project you are stitching on gets more and more beautiful with each section your add. A great design and great stitching.

  4. It was wonderful to watch the clip of you and Han. You have both done amazingly well.

    Your BBD piece is coming along beautifully. It's stitching up so quickly.

  5. Eek! I'll be chasing the postman down the street :D Thank you so much! Lovely stitching, I'm sure you'll have the piece finished in no time :)
    Best wishes.

  6. Speedy stitching again!!! :D Seriously, you are so fast with this beautiful chart.
    I'm sure it will be finished before the weekend starts :) xo

  7. I truly enjoyed getting to know more about you and Han through that video this morning. Yay! You two have accomplished so much already! Keep at it! You CAN and WILL do it! :)

    1. Thanks Vickie :) I have to keep going to get those wellingtons! And your right I WILL do it ... day by day.
      I hope you are well... I think about you and your lovely poodles every day, sending some happy smiles your way :)

  8. Lovely stitching Jacquie - you are moving fast with this one (:

  9. Well done to both you and Han!
    Blue Ribbon is growing so well, hope all went ok at the hospital today.

  10. Love the design and your stitching

  11. AMAZING! So PROUD For you! I just lost 50 lbs and I SO GET THIS!
    I have a hard time eating sugary foods too...
    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  12. p.s. I love the stitching...I am such a bunny fan...and it all looks so perfect!

  13. Hi Jacquie - your BRD sampler is looking wonderful - I love those ones - you stitch so quickly!
    Now I am just being curious here - why is it that you title most of your blog posts with the date, when it will have the date anyway when it is published?! Just curious

  14. Gorgeous stitching so glad to hear about your weight loss journey


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