Thursday, 7 August 2014

Thursday 7 th August 2014....

Well hello!!  :)

I did as you all know have plans to say in all day and stitch.. hmm I should of known something would crop up!!  ha ha ha  

Well today I must tell you all what happened... 
As you all know recently we had a wet room installed for Jon, to make it easier for him.  There was a problem with the sink.. it was supported underneath and wobbled when Jon leaned on it.  So after waiting ... they turned up today and replaced the sink with a larger one and put a pedestal under it.  But there was an issue with that... sitting too low!!  We need it higher in this house as Jon cannot bend to the sink.. so its about 2 inches higher than a normal height sink.  OMG!! The workman we had today was so grumpy... moaned about everything.  Well after talking to his boss about the problem they have now decided to put some wood under the pedestal so its the right height.  But.. wait for it... its been left again until Monday as they now need a carpenter to sort the wood out!! Then a tiler as they will have to seal and tile the wood!! ha ha a  And that means... no showers!! OMG!!! I just want it sorted !

Here is the state of our bathroom now...

You can just see the trial built up height needed for the sink here.  Oooh and my new nice bathroom cabinet we bought in Ikea!!

So with our bathroom upside down I would of done anything to go out..see he was drilling and OMG the noise again :(  

Luckily mum called me and said had I seen the paper today... well of course I had not as I had not been out!  So went round her house and well I was in a little shock... a really brilliant off I could not refuse!!   A voucher for £5 worth of fruit and or vegetable free in a shop called Morrisons!!  So we bought another paper and Han came with me to the shop and we bought some bits...

The voucher...

And just look at what we got.... we are both in shock!!!  All free with the vouchers :)

We had so much fun... we had a little competition between us to see who could get the most for the voucher price!! ha ha I won!! I managed to get £4.99!!  Our fridge is very full!!

After that we needed a sit down and coffee... so we headed off to the garden centre...

Yes... larking about as usual!!  OMG!! Look at my hair!!

We saw this and thought...hmmmm 

We rubbed the leaves but it did not smell of mint chocolate... anyone used this?

Oooh yes Han received her college certificates today, for the course she has just finished... Look at that...Distinction *, Distinction, Distinction!! Clever so and so!! Well done :) xx

I did this morning manage a little sewing...



The house is coming together.. I am hoping after posting this I can carry on with some more stitching.

Thank you all so much for commenting on my posts.. its really lovely to read what you put.  
I am pleased that there are 'some' people out there that could use the book I am giving away :)  And I totally understand that its not every ones cup of tea :)

Happy stitching to you all and keep smiling :)



  1. I can understand all your troubles. My Dad's bathroom was in need to be restyled for an elder person. We had so much to "fight" with workmen and also with my Dad, who was disappointed for all the noise and the dust around and of course because he couldn't use his bathroom freely. Thanks God you had a nice shopping chance with your daughter. Soon I'll be on holidays and I'll start the travelling chart. Bye.

  2. I hate having work done on the house; you work on one room and the rest of the house is trashed by association lol. I very rarely enter giveaways simply because postage to Ireland is so expensive for people, and it is better for things to go to where they will be used. I have shelves of much loved but not used stitching charts and I feel very sorry for them. I would rather someone who really wanted something have a better chance of getting it by me not entering lol. Great progress on the house!

  3. you are just too cute for words and your stitching is exquisite

  4. I have chocolate mint. It smells wonderful and makes a nice mint tea but I haven't used it for anything else.
    J x

  5. It is a shame about the bathroom - makes you wonder why the one person just doesn't get on and fix it!! Boy your fruit and veg deal was fantastic!!! Have fun with that!! Haven't used choc mint sorry - I am a rare person who does not like chocolate!! :-( Big congratulations to Hannah!!! Super well done!! Your stitching is coming along beautifully!

  6. Oh gosh, what a palava with the bathroom! I do hope it gets sorted soon. Congratulations to your daughter for her amazing grades, you must be so proud :) Your stitching is coming along a treat, enjoy.
    Best wishes.

  7. My parents had to have their bathroom & separate toilet changed (bath for shower because of his hips replacements) and they had to wait 2 years but everything got done in 3 days. My mum was the unhappy one because it left mess & dust everywhere :) Now it's sorted, so it is worth going through all the troubles. Yours will be finished soon, be patient! :D
    Very impressed with the Morrisons voucher.. why didn't I see that?? :D Big hugs xxx

  8. You should see my mess I still have the builders here , but they are good guys.

    Congrats to your daughter . Lots of veg and fruit how great they were free.

  9. Fantastic job on getting free food!!
    It will be so nice when completed in the bathroom.
    I have planted chocolate mint. Not in many years. It truly takes over if planted right into the ground. It really is mint. The leaves have a bit of dark brown to the veins in them. This is why it is called chocolate I believe.

  10. Lovely stitching!

    We have Morrisons too - they are really good on prices.
    Happy weekend.

  11. super stitching, funny faces and free food what more could a girl ask for. Yes, a finished bathroom. I will pray they get it done soon. hugs lynda ruth . I am singing in the rain here really heavy stuff coming down today, was going to picks beans but can't.told hubby I would put bathing suit on and pick them He did not like that idea. funny man. big hugs

  12. Huge congrats to Han, well done on such fabulous results.
    What a haul of fruit and veg for free!


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