Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tuesday 5th August 2014.....

Hello lovely friends.... 

This is a late up date I know.. I am sorry.. I have good reason.... see I have been out pretty much all day, well from 4 pm until nearly 10 pm.  Where have I been???  I have been to visit a lovely lady... had a really lovely chat and coffee and made her loft lighter by taking a heap of cross stitching magazines off her!  I cannot tell you all how excited I am about the magazines.. over the moon does not even come close!  I have the most biggest or would largest suit this sentence better? Anyway my smile is massive! ha h a a

As its late I have not had chance to take any photo's of anything... so sorry.  You will all have to forgive me, I promise to post some photo's tomorrow.  

Talking of tomorrow.. Jon and I are off to the hospital again seeing as its Wednesday!   I will again take my stitching and 'hide' around the corner away from the physio's... I dont want any confrontations this time.  Jon and I have decided now is not a good time to be trying hydrotherapy... maybe later?  

I did manage some stitching this morning... my Garden Sampler by Blue Ribbon Designs is coming along nicely.  As is my other Happy stitch ... I also managed to few stitches of the Advent Animals too... I need to catch up with those...

Oooh just had a thought.. I have seen this on other blogs... where they show the projects they are working on .... no matter how many.. and then show updates of each one at what they have done.  Maybe I could do something like that?  I mean I have 3 projects I am stitching on and off at the moment.. it would be a good way to visually see them progress I think.

Oh today's post needs a happy picture I think..

Its true all you lovely people out there in blog land I think are wonderful.. each and every one of you make me smile :)

OK... so 

When I do my update tomorrow I will show you all what I got and what I am stitching.. then I can keep tabs on it all!  Oh yes I think it will be good for me as its more organized... and I have said to myself that I am NOT starting another project until I have finished the ones I am stitching.  Its so tempting ... I really like starting new projects... I think it is the thrill of something new?  Well no no and no.... I must finish the 3 I am currently working on!....

Ok... until tomorrow.....

Remember to smile!

Oooh love this...


  1. Sounds like you are very busy -progress pictures are a great idea - good for us to see what you are working on and good for you to see progress - it can motivate you too!! Good luck at the hospital with Jon - hope all goes well. I say I am not starting another project all the time and then do!! The joys of enjoying craft and making things!! Lol!!

  2. Sounds like you are truly enjoying your stitching Jacquie. I think you have the right idea for today, hiding around the corner. You are still there, but not in their sight to get "talked to".


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