Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sunday 3 rd August 2014...

It seems I have yet again been abducted by aliens!  I blink and poof another day gone!  Its now the 3 rd August... how on earth did that happen??  Where have my days gone?  ha ha ha  

Right well what have I been up to?

To be honest the last few days have been a bit of a blur.... I have been running about Han, dropping off and visiting friends that type of thing.  Then there is the shopping... now shopping trips take longer than most as I am terrible.. I like to look at labels and compare so an average shopping food trip lasts about 4-6 hours!  Then there is the carrying it in and putting it away.. that let me tell you takes forever too.  Oh yes then I need to just it and relax afterwards!! lol  

But you will be pleased to know I have managed to fit in some stitching!... I am not quite sure where?... hmmm maybe on the space ship when I was abducted! ha ha a

Remember I started this...

And ha ha no one had a clue what design it was.... even after the HUGE clue I gave too!  Ha ha never mind.. here is some more!!

A little closer...

And a close up of my lovely french knots....

I just LOVE the way this is coming together.. its pretty.  I must say I changed a few of the colors.. to either a lighter or darker shade of the original as I did not have some of them... I hope it looks OK when all together.

Well being Sunday I am off to do something with my dad I have not done it a little while.... yes we are off to play bingo!  Dad and I used to do this on Sunday's to spend some time together... and its fun!

Not a very big post... sorry about that... I will post more tomorrow :)

Keep smiling...




  1. Happy Sunday! Hope your numbers come up.

  2. Good luck at bingo.
    Fabulous French knots, they all look so perfect, not sure I would be brave enough to show a close up of mine, they never seem to sit right, I often use a bead instead ...

  3. Lovely stitching, and your French knots really are lovely! Have fun with your dad!

  4. Lovely stitching! French knots are wonderful, stitching is soo even... Happy Sunday!

  5. Great stitching! Hope you had a lovely time with your dad ;)


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