Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Wednesday 13 th August 2014....

Hello friends...

Hmmm as you can see from my header, I have been side tracked today.... 

But its fine I think as it was a nice side track! ha ha

Well I received my digital copy of Just Cross Stitch Magazine, October 2014 issue...

This one...

And well I really liked the look of lots and I mean lots of things in it... 

Like these...

And this...

And this...

So I got some bits together, printed off something and went off to the hospital.. remember Jon had an appointment... yeah!! Stitching time for me!! ha ah a

Here I am stitching in the hospital...

Do you know which design I was stitching??  Its a really cute one!

Oh OK.. I will show you all as I have finished it now!!

Its a Blue Ribbon Design called Owls in Moonlight, stitched on 32 count Belfast Linen...

I am really pleased with it and now I just have to decide how to finish it...   It was a fun stitch.

See I told you it was a nice distraction!  I will back on my Garden Sampler by Blue Ribbon Designs tomorrow... not a lot left to do on that now :)

After the hospital visit I dropped Han off down the town as she wanted to do a bit of shopping with a friend.  Piece and quiet!! ha ah ah a  And when I picked her up later ... look what she bought me....

Such a lovely gift and she said she bought me as I like bees!  Thank You Han xxx

The middle one may look like its almost empty... its not!! Its because I lay it on its back to take  the photo!

Ooooh I will have my finished ... yes finished bathroom to show you tomorrow!!! Exciting!!  

Ok for now... smiles to you all :)

xx  :) xx


  1. Love your very quick finish Jacquie, sometimes it's good to be sidetracked! Lovely gift from Han too. I really enjoyed seeing you on YouTube yesterday, you are both so beautiful and your happiness just shines through! Hope all went well for Jon at the hospital.

  2. A great Halloween finish :) Han is a darling xo

  3. Super little stitchy project you took to the hospital, you'll whip up a lovely Halloween basketfull of goodies by the time it comes around this year.

  4. Hello Jacquie

    A lovely finish (:
    Han is very thoughtful and I hope you enjoy your lovely present.

  5. really love that pumpkin with swirls..your work is lovely

  6. Well that was quick! Good for you. Hope Jon is well.

  7. I must say you are a fast stitcher, looks just wonderful .
    What a lovely daughter you have there , hugs.

  8. Ooh, I can see why you got sidetracked, there's some really lovely designs there. Great stitching!
    Best wishes.

  9. I am waiting for my copy, I get the paper version of this magazine. I'm old fashioned LOL.
    I can see why you couldn't wait to start this one. It's a similar style to her Christmas series she did for the magazine. You should look those up too!


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