Saturday, 23 August 2014

Oooh did I tell you all I love to stitch?!

Hello friends .... have you missed me?

I really have missed writing my blog every day and I have missed visiting all your wonderful blogs too.  But fingers crossed I am back now!

I think I have caught up on my sleep now and I am feeling much better :)  Thank You all ever so much for your well wishes and kind comments whilst I have not been here.

Do you like my peas?! I love eating peas fresh out of the pod... so this year for my dads birthday I saw the perfect card....



Do you like it?!  I love it and when I saw it I just could not stop giggling in the shop!  Hope my dad likes it!

Well you know how over the last or is it past? Well you know how I have been driving everywhere visiting hospitals and Doctors.. I took some stitching with me.  In a little bag... I so need to get me a better bag!  Well here it is...

Yes this is the 'lovely' bag I have been carting around everywhere with me!  And stitching where ever and when ever I could...

This is what it is if you have not guessed...

Its a wonderful Blue Ribbon Design called "Established With Love"... This is where I am now.

Close up...

Stitching on the go...

It has helped to take my mind off things... and such a pretty little design too :)

                                                                             xxx   xxx

Oh my goodness I have to tell you all something wonderful, really wonderful that Belinda, the designer of Blue Ribbon Designs is doing.  She is such an inspirational person... this November she will be walking 60 miles to raise money with Team Twinkle Toes for Breast Cancer research.

That in its self is utterly amazing but she has also created a exclusive special design for this to help raise money too.  The design is beautiful and the only way you can get it is to make a donation....

Here is a picture of the design she created specially its called "Five Houses Of Hope"... (Picture borrowed from Blue Ribbon Designs)  Its stunning and I cannot wait to stitch it!

HERE is the link to Belinda's Blog to tell you more about it, you can read what she will be doing and there is also a link to her giving page to make a donation.. There are also details about how to obtain the exclusive design she created too.

All I have to say is Go Belinda!! I wish you and Team Twinkle Toes lots of luck and many many smiles :) 

                                                                                  xxx  xxx

I bet your wondering what has happened to my current Blue Ribbon Design, "Garden Sampler"....

Here is what I had done previously...

Look I have been busy!!  And only one more section to fill now!

A close up...

I cannot believe how close I am to finishing.. so close......  I am going to work my hardest tomorrow to see if I can get it done :)  Fingers crossed, then onto finish another project.

Goodness did I tell you all I liked peas?! ha ha ah 

Oooh I have to tell you all about a little link I have in  the margin....


I thought I would try her hand dyed threads as they look delightful.. so chose 2 colors and I am looking forward to stitching with them :)

There are lots of beautiful colors available as well as wonderful colored fabrics.. wish I had a limitless bank balance! ha ha a

Please feel free to take a look... click the logo in my margin.

Another inspirational person to tell you all bout is Gaynor from Stitchers Anon  ... 

Gaynor I do hope you dont mind me posting this..

I wanted to help in any way I could to help raise awareness and maybe, hopefully some one could donate along the way...

Stitchers Anon are holding a Charity raffle, the more you donate the more tickets you receive.  HERE is a link to the wonderful prizes.

I wish you a lot of smiles and hope that you hit your target Gaynor, I think its a truely wonderful thing you are doing :)

I unfortunately do not have a lot of money, I have donated to both Belinda and Gaynor to help Breast Cancer research... I want to give back too and help in any way I can.  Every little helps and no matter how small your donation ... it helps.  

Thank you to all my followers for showing your support :)

Well that is about it  I think... 

Remember to SMILE :)


  1. Beautiful stitching - as always! Your Garden sampler is almost finished, wow!
    The peas look delicious... I am not a pea hater myself.
    Donations are very tempting, especially when it's within a stitching community, but that will have to depend on the budget... Thank you for the links!

  2. Gorgeous stitching and such lovely threads. So close to a finish.

  3. Your stitching is beautiful. You should make yourself a new bag with your new found sewing skills!
    I love your Garden Sampler, must be very satisfying completing each block. Can't wait to see what you will stitch on next!
    My Dad grows peas and they never make it to the pan...The grandchildren are allowed to help themselves and eat them fresh out of the pod. Delicious!

  4. Good for you! I just love fresh veggies and fruit too!
    I thought you had made yourself a project back a few months back? No?

    1. Oh darn it!! Yes your right I had!! hmm obviously forgot about that one! :( I had a look about and found it... it had those hexies in I was fiddling about with :) Thank You for reminding me :)

  5. Hi, Jacquie! I'm so glad you're rested and back to blogging and stitching (all, of course, are wonderful!). Love the pea - I laughed out loud when I saw it…..
    Looking forward to more posts and updates -
    hugs from over here -

  6. beautiful stitching my dear..and i love veggies too :)
    hugs x

  7. Lovely stitching progress.
    Enjoy using the new threads.

  8. Established With Love is such a gorgeous design, that's another one for my wish list! Thanks for the links for the good causes, every little helps :) Happy stitching and best wishes.

  9. I love your latest project! It's so pretty, I'm looking forward to see it grow :) xx


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