Thursday, 14 August 2014

Stressed... me??!!

Hello friends..

Well yes I am having not such a good day today... in fact I have been stressed out pretty much all day.  

It seems I have to drive our car into central London on Monday.. this Monday, the 18th.  To take Jon to see a medical specialist in Harley Street..

I have basically spent the day  looking into all our options on how to get there... 
Train, bus, taxi and car.... we did think about going by train but with Jon in his wheelchair and rush hour it will be crazy.  And not only that I have a very weak right arm and cannot push him all day.  Luckily Han has chosen to come with us to help out where she can.  

Well after stressing over this all day we have now decided to travel in by car.. the most comfortable option for Jon we all think.  Sure we will still have to stop a lot of times, and then OMG!! To find a parking space in London!  Luckily we do have a Blue Disabled badge, so am hoping to locate a disabled bay.

So needless to say I have go no stitching done at all....   Only will start to do some stitching when I have finished this blog up date.  Hopefully tomorrows post will have some stitching to show you :)

I saw this and just had to giggle....
Maybe I should do it... h aha ha ah 

I did however cook something!
Quick and simple as I really could not concentrate on anything earlier...

I made salmon and broccoli quiche

I nearly did not have a quiche as you can see I just caught it in the oven before it went black!  It does taste really good and even Han likes it!! ha ah a

Well now that we are organised and I know how we are getting there I feel much better... but still feel like a lead balloon is sat on my shoulders, not really sure how to get rid of this feeling... any suggestions?

Cannot take a bath, we only have a shower!  Could stand under that and scream whilst the water is running that may help?! hmmmm

I am hoping doing some stitching after this will help... we shall see!

Oh darn it... I was supposed to take some photo's of the finished bathroom today... sorry it totally slipped my mind.  I will take some tomorrow.

Sorry I have no stitching to show you...

Sending smiles to you all :)



  1. What about hopping on Trevor for stress reduction? That is what you call your treadmill right? ;)

    1. Oooh such a good idea!! Off to let Trevor entertain me! :) lol
      Smiles :)

  2. I sometimes scream under the shower too. Treadmill is probably better for you.....
    Try and get some stitching done..... Good luck in London. It is such a crazy place. I loved doing it on foot and the bus.... Just visiting though

  3. Jacquie it can indeed feel very daunting to be doing something not familiar to you... you have researched your travel plans, so have faith in your decisions & try to STAY CALM!!

    My tip for you would be to leave plenty of time to get there & take water with you. Perhaps you could call & ask the doctors office where is a good place to park? esp with your husbands needs they might have a good tip on that.


  4. Miammmmmm,j'adore cette quiche ,j'en ai déjà réalisé la même!
    Bon courage pour lundi!

  5. Great advice from Anthea. I'm sure the reception staff will be sympathetic. You could probably charm the doctor into giving you his own parking space! Good luck...will be thinking of you.

  6. OMG!! I know exactly how you must feel!! You know, not too long ago I had to go to London (Kensington) to the French Consulate for my passport. Like you we looked at all the options possible and decided the best was to drive there... Seriously??... Anyway, we looked on Google Map (satellite) and it gave us a good idea of what we were looking for, also we found a car park. So we put the postcode in the satnav & off we went. Please make sure you allow PLENTY of extra time due to traffic (well, of course, it's London). The driving wasn't too bad, just take it easy and follow the flow and you will be fine. Well, we were. Everything went well. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, you can do it :) By the way, your quiche looks DELICIOUS!!

  7. Good advice to phone the clinic and ask about parking, directions, needs etc. Also, don't forget to ask about the congestion charge, will you need to pay that if it applies to the area you are going too? I didn't get that sorted and ended up with a hefty fine the last time we drove into London central.
    I do hope the visit to the specialist can help Jon.
    much love x

  8. I'll be thinking of you - and anxiously waiting for your post with a report on how things go. I'm sure you will do fine ;)


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