Friday, 29 August 2014

Happy Birthday to my dad :)

Yes it was my dad's birthday today.... we met for coffee and a chat then later I went over for coffee and cake in the afternoon with Han... Jon was not up to it so we just brought cake back for him :)

My dad is Welsh... and incidentally so in Jon.. so a bit of Welsh for my dad :)

A while back Jon bought me this Welsh kit.... so I think I will stitch it for my dad's Christmas gift.  He can put it on the wall in his study to remind him of Wales.

So what have I been doing today??  That is apart from eating yummy cake?  Hmmm I know but its good healthy cake... as my dad is diabetic!  And I had just one slice!

I have been experimenting with things again... it all started when I visited Frances blog and saw she was stitching Christmas things!  So inspired I set about to create something myself!

Its quirky and not perfect but it was a lot of fun to make :)

I made it with a scrap piece of fabric and I think it turned out ok.  And funnily enough the chart and the tinsel trimming was part of a gift that was sent to me originally by Frances for winning one of her giveaways... oooh a little while back now.  

Its also the first attempt at a circle ornament ... I padded it on the snow man side too... all experimental!  I like to experiment... its ok that is quirky too as its for me, family and friends!  Its not like I am selling it... oh that is something I 100% admire.  Designers and stitchers that finish people's stitching for a living are incredible.  The skills they have and have learned ... so inspiring.  I try!

Jon surprised me today with a little happiness... see been a little down... just me trying to hide it and carry one.  But Jon must of sensed it and thought he would cheer me up!  Look what arrived for me... you all know I love sheep!

And this one... 

And not sure if your all aware but I am slowly collecting the Little Sheep Virtues.. I now have 1 to 9... 

These are taking a while to collect.. but that is OK as I want to stitch them all together as one design...  They are just so cute... you think?

And then I had another surprise!  Just turned into one happy surprise day!  A while ago .. hmmm well over a month ago now I won 2 competitions on Facebook.. charts from the designers!  Marvelous!  And to be honest I had forgotten all about them... they turned up today...

I feel so lucky to have these things .... and such a lovely husband too.

Ooh yes!! I wanted to re-introduce you all to Trevor... Trevor the tredmill!!  My 'friend' to help me make my left knee stronger and hopefully me fitter too.  I am going to make more of an effort to exercise ... yes been slacking :(  I have to get back into the right mind set again.... I CAN and WILL do this.

So tomorrow I will be stitching more... ha ha of course I will be!  I think back onto my cute sheep design that Kim sent me :) 

Oooh yes and Catherine, my next Round Robin partner..... I have finished your stitch and I really like it, just hope you do!  Putting some bits together to go with it then I will post it tracking international .. this way I know where it is as I have found I worry!

Talking of the Round Robin... its wonderful... I am really enjoying it... I have a tab at the top of my blog and in there is all the things I have sent and received.  If you want to take a look :)

Well happy stitching to you all...

Smiles :)



  1. Oh my goodness! What a lovely post! Your Christmas ornament is so cute! I'm so glad you liked what I sent--it looks really good! And a circle! I haven't even attempted a circle yet myself! I thought about it the other day...must think about it again! (and you know that's my favorite-Prairie Schooler!) Such fun! I have some tinsel trim for myself--I must dig that out--it looks good!
    Your new charts are wonderful!! Your husband made great choices! Look at the precious sheep! He is so sweet to you! And those two you won are really cute! You are stocking up! HA
    Glad your Dad had a happy birthday with you! Special times and a fun day!

  2. What a lovely ornament finish :) It looks perfect to me!
    Great new stash too. Those little sheep are so cute, I only stitched one so far!
    Have a lovely day and say "Hi!" to Trevor from me :P xoxo

  3. My goodness, Jon loves you very much. :) That is a neat chart to stitch up for your father.
    What inspires me to get on the treadmill is reading while walking. I love to read. It works! ;)

  4. I love the little ornament you made, it's such a cutie. Great new stash too, isn't Jon a sweetheart for buying charts? I wish my partner would turn up with cross stitch treats! :P
    Best wishes.

  5. Fabulous Christmas ornament finish, I love the tinsel trim, well done.
    Super design for dads Christmas pressie.... Christmas will be here before we know it, cant believe it September on Monday!!!


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