Friday, 22 August 2014

So so tired...

I bet your all wondering where I have been.... 

It all started Monday when I had to drive Jon the London Harley Street.  I found that journey quite exhausting and tiring.  Then I knew I had to recover quickly as I had to drive to another appointment for Jon in a hospital quite far away again.  This time though as is it passed the major airports... Gatwick and Heathrow I knew I had to get passed them before the rush hour.  This meant leaving our home at 4.30 am!!  We did and missed all the traffic and made the appointment.  Unfortunately coming back we hit all the traffic and sat on the motorway for a long long time!  When I got home I was really exhausted... after a sit down I could not keep my eyes open so went to bed for a 'nap' and well just woke up about 1 hour ago!! ha ah a  that was around 10 am here!  

I still feel tired but I am pleased I went to bed as I really needed to relax and sleep.  Feeling better today ... 

I have lost a week.... 

I am going to have a relaxing day and do some stitching...

I will post some photo's later of what I am doing but I just wanted to pop in and let you all know where I have been in case you where thinking I have stopped blogging.

I will have to do a bit of catching up looking at what you have all been away for a while :(

Thank You :)

Smiles to you all :)



  1. Hi, Jacquie!! Take care of yourself, rest, relax and stitch. Can hardly wait to see what you're stitching.

  2. Jacquie its annoying when life gets in the way of stitching! I know what you mean about driving being so exhausting! Last year I did a 17 hour drive (12 hours one day 5 the next) and I lost a day to "recovering" and traffic just seems that much more exhausting!

    Look forward to seeing some stitching soon!

  3. Hello Jacquie

    Glad you are feeling better.
    Have a restful weekend (:

  4. What KimM said... :) Have a good relaxing day. And then show us your stitching!

  5. WOW! I feel tired, myself, just reading about all your running around! You have definitely earned a day (or two) of rest and stitching! I know you'll have some lovely things to show us when you are able to wake up for a while! Have a nice, calm weekend!
    PS--I have a new giveaway, so check it out!

  6. Driving in big traffic always makes me tired, no wonder that you feel somewhat exhausted after your busy week. Take it easy for a couple of days and stitch some :)) That always seems to be a good remedy.

  7. I think you need a bit of a pampering day Jacquie, I hope you feel rested soon :)


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