Tuesday, 19 August 2014

I made it back!!

We left at around 11.30 am... really busy roads and some nasty road accidents too :(
On our way to London Harley Street...  
This made us chuckle a little.. I mean a train on the motorway?!!  

We passed some great places on route... Han took the photo's as I was driving...

Last year Han and I visited here, it was great!

We did arrive a whole 2 hours early.. but better to be early than late!  So we found a parking space and parked...

Then managed to find a little french coffee house... ooh it was a welcome coffee and little treat!

Then off we went to Jon's appointment in Harley street... here is the waiting room!  Han took the photo because the windows were huge... we sat right in front of the window ... people watching!  Yes we do  that a lot!! Han was 'label' watching!! ha ah a well  this is when Han looks for designer things!  She could not take her eyes off one ladies Prada handbag!! Yes she loves Prada! ... no hope of getting a Prada bag unless we win the lottery!! ha ha a  She saw loads of other 'labels' too!

The appointment went really well... although by the time Jon had arrived there he was in bits... tired and in a lot of pain.  We did stop a few times on route and took our time but Jon just cannot tolerate being in the car or his wheelchair for very long at all.  And to be honest travelling to London was really far for him to go... no doubt  he will suffer now for a few days :(

After the appointment we then went to a place called Westfield.. its a massive shopping complex.  Somewhere Han has always wanted to visit.. and it was in the area!  So we went basically to eat as it was after 7 pm by this point.  

It was incredible walking around there.. so many designer outlets.. oh how the other half live!  I liked this window display so Han took a photo!

Then we went to Han's favorite place in the whole world to eat...

Yes... Wagamama's!!  I eat vegetarian there... it was nice.. Han was happy!  And yes you can see a little of the shopping complex here.

The 3 of us waiting for a life to go back to the car to come home...

And the last photo.... 

Every could does have a silver lining...

Sorry there was no stitching photo's.. 

Tomorrow is back to normal day!! ha ha a And back to stitching!

Wishing you all happiness and smiles :)

xx   :) xx


  1. What a wonderful trip! What beautiful pictures! Coffee looks very tasty, and so do the pastries.. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. ooo not seen that side of london before ... love the harley street waiting room ... hope things went well .... love mouse xxxx

  3. Hope al went well and the specialist can offer Jon some help and pain relief.
    Great pics, Han certainly does have an eye for a good pic.

  4. Jacquie, I was thinking about you almost all day yesterday wondering how your trip was going, how Jon was doing, etc., etc. I'm glad things went smoothly, but sorry to hear Jon will suffer for a few days as a result. The French coffee shop, shopping mall - what a lovely treat for all. Take care. Give a hug to Jon and Han. You have a lovely family. Hugs from this side of the pond -

  5. Glad you all went there safely :)
    You even were braver than us because we saw the shopping centre but chickened out... even though they have a Lego shop & hubby really wanted to go :D
    Hope the specialist could provide some help for Jon xxx

  6. So glad to know you all made it there and back safely. And you were smiling! ;) I have prayed for Jon. I know how it is to suffer for days after medical appts.

  7. Hello Jacquie

    Glad your trip was enjoyable and safe.
    Fingers crossed for some help for Jon.
    Happy stitching (:

  8. Okay that train on the flatbed is interesting.... hope the appointment went Well.

  9. Looks like a lovely day--a very FULL day!
    I hope that Jon's appointment went well and that things will progress well for him!
    That last photo--the sun shining through the clouds--so beautiful!

  10. Good to hear you had a safe trip - I hope the specialist can help Jon...Han took some lovely photos - love the clouds one! I was wondering if the train on the truck would fit under the bridge!!!


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