Saturday, 9 August 2014

Saturday 9 th August 2014....

Hello lovely friends....

I missed Friday .. I know I am sorry :(  I was being productive, see I was that busy sorting all my threads I lost track of time.  Told you all I had no concept of time!!  Its now 2.27 am!! ha ha yes it really is as I am typing this up!

I have had some loose threads about for a while now and thought I really should put them into my boxes.  I really did not grasp actually how long it would take me!!

Here are the Anchor ones...

Here are the DMC ones...

I have now run out of cardboard bobbins and space in my boxes!! Eeek!! Jon is on the look out for alternative storage for them all :)

I also managed some sewing today!!  I kind of got side tracked :(

For a while now I have been wanting to try to sew a circle... on my sewing machine!  I must be crazy I think!!  So I stitched something and then went about pinning it to stitch.

Hmmm what can I say... for me it was not easy at all... the sewing machine was going like a snail pace and still could not get it round.  There obviously must me a trick to it?  Or is it just a case of practice makes perfect?  All in all its not bad Han and Jon think for my first attempt!

Here is what I made..

The back...

A rather odd shape!!  I tried!!  But made with love! ha ha ha a

I will leave it a while and maybe try it again another time now.  If anyone has any tips or suggestions on making circles I would be most interested :)

No other stitching today as the circle and thread sorting took all my day up!  Terrible I know!

Later.. ha ha when I have been to bed then got up again.. I will be doing more on my Garden Sampler... 

This Blue Ribbon Design...

Ideally I would like the house and the next square done... we shall see?! 

I have had a few magazines delivered recently and wanted to share them as I dont know what it is about magazines but I really love them.  I like how they are all different and the fact they have such great things in them... ha ha lets not get started on the book collection!!  I guess I like to collect!

A new Patchwork magazine out.. something if I had more confidence I would like to make more ... patchwork things that is!

The freebie gift with this magazine... oooh I love the freebies!!

This magazine I now subscribe to as I really like it.. its an American magazine we order specially.

This was a 'treat' for me!! I just seem to collect them!  This is part of a range of 'ultimate' magazines being released.. I have all the others, this one is new out.

I hope I am not the only one that hoards cross stitch magazines and books!?  There may be something in them I want to stitch one day! I know I am terrible!  

Well I look at it this way... I dont drink, or smoke... I dont go out, well only to food shop and appointments!  So anything cross stitching I like!  We dont have a lot of money as you all know so I am lucky that Jon looks about for the best deals and bargains.  And it really is only sale, cheap items and bargains we buy .

I have taken up enough of your time !!

Off I go to bed then when I get up more stitching!! 

So miles to you all.... 

Take care :)

xxx  :) xxx


  1. You're not alone with your magazine collection, I have three boxes full and need to start a fourth!

    Your BRD is looking great, I do like her bright clean lines, her designs are very distinctive.

    I also love Brooke Nolan's witch on the cover of the CS&N, I must subscribe to that mag very soon LOL

  2. Wow I love your magazines so much ..I some time sit and look at them too :)
    Sweet stitching
    Love xx

  3. I love your cushion! I think it looks very circle-y. Well done. Your BRD looks beautiful.
    I subscribe to 3 cross stitch magazines and have kept them all "just in case". I sometimes look at them and find things I would never have stitched when the magazine came out but I want to stitch now. Our tastes change. Just at the moment I want to stitch smalls.

  4. Tu n'est pas la seule a collectionner!je ne sais plus ou ranger les miens! lol!!!
    Pour coudre en rond sans problème certaine machine on un "pied a patchwork",cela veux dire que tu peux coudre les courbes sans problèmes car le pied ne s'agrippe pas au tissus!et tout doucement tu suis la ligne que tu as tracé avant.
    Doux week end Smile
    Marie Christine

  5. Your cushion is lovely and your threads look very well organized.
    I hoard charts and threads!

  6. You did well on your bee cushion. I do not know what to tell you other than practice and go slow with circles!
    I love Brooke Nolan's work!

  7. Bee Happy pillow is so cute. You did wonderful. I've only made a few circles on the sewing machine and I had gone super slow and still I needed to practice. ooooh now I want that magazine you showed:) love Annette

  8. Great your progress on the Garden Sampler. And what a nice little pillow you made with that cute bee on it.
    No, you are not the only one with an extended magazine stash. I have many standing folders full with magazines, old ones and newer ones. And I don't want to get rid of a single one of them, lol.

  9. Sweet bee pillow! I just stitched a bee and will be finishing it today, I hope!!!!
    The Garden Sampler is coming along nicely! So cheerful!
    Yes, I have magazines and charts galore--too many--and love them all!! I have tried to organize them, somewhat....that makes it a little easier to have them around! And your threads look wonderful. Please come do mine for me!! HA

  10. Wow your threads look amazing!! Well done!! It does take time doesn't it!! I did some here a while back and it took ages!! Love the bee!! Circles do take practise and you are right, slow gentle stitching is the way! I have patchwork magazines - can;t help myself just love looking at them!! I still believe one day I will make things out of them!! Lol!!

  11. I am just the same I do hoard alot of mags and books , boxes of charts and still I buy more .
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend, hugs.

  12. such lovely order and I love that witch..I happen to know the lady who creates them..she is such a talented have such fine taste

  13. Great little round cushion :) I have no idea how to stitch in a circle but I'm sure some sewing machines must have gadgets to help... Sadly mine hasn't! So I guess, it's a matter of trying and hoping for the best :) I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that USA mag, the little with is just a MUST DO!!!
    Have a happy smiley day xx

  14. don't you just love to see a box full of wound threads, better than a box of choccies and kinder to the waistline!


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