Monday, 4 February 2013

Day 24...

HELLO!! I am back!! Ok so not 100% but I am feeling much better.  I ventured out today as needed salad and other healthy options!  I am still very slow, my daughter thought I was more like a slug today! Like I said to her, at least I am up and trying to make an effort.  The fresh air did me the world of good I think, blew those cabin fever cob webs away! :)

I have been eating healthy whilst not 100%, but with no exercise I dread to think what my weight looks like?  I have decided to go back to the exercise sessions, OH not for me to do it yet!  Hannah still is going so I will support her and maybe do a 'light' form of exercise until I am back to normal again.  Some exercise is better than none...  And the club has just launched a new challenge, a team one.  Now I am a member of a team, I don't want to let others down so will do my bit.

This challenge looks really great, I am quite excited about it...oooh I feel some photos from what I get up to being posted!  Its a 7 week team challenge, will have to see what happens and let the best team win! 

So with feeling a bit better and my phone OK well its still acting dodgy but I can use it.  I will pick up taking photos again and start posting what I eat again.  For today I have captured my evening meal as it was something new I tried.  Oh my goodness...I thought jacket potato, hmmm but with sweet potatoes?? Well lets say it was interesting!  And one to note not to have again!

And just checked the date and Oh MY!! We are now in February! Where did January go?!

What I ate today...04th February 2013


2 bacon medallions, scrambled eggs.


Mixed salad and fruit cocktail.  


Sweet potato jacket with tuna and mixed tossed salad.

With the iron tablets I am taking I have had to stop drinking coffee, which I have!  And instead I have to drink citrus fruit juice.  Something to do with aiding the tablets to be absorbed quicker.  I can honestly say that I have not really missed drinking coffee, I think it was more of a habit for me.  I am now drinking tea... oh yes must post the 'new' one that I found that is caffeine free!  :)  And not to mention the water that I am drinking more of too.

There is something that I am really not too happy about... shocking actually!  My wedding rings!! I almost lost them today, they nearly fell off my finger, it seems that my fingers have shrunk! hmmm odd you think!  I have tiny fingers as it is, size K on my ring finger!  So I think I will have to leave them at home, I know I will be heart broken if I loose them.  So something else to add to the ever increasing list of things to get once I have hit goal!  I think I may need a lotto win! lol

I am back to positive thinking...not that I lost it!  OH my I am happy to be back being me again, OK so not quite me but nearly! lol  My plan of action is to slowly edge back into exercise again, I don't want to over do it or I will be back in my bed!  So slow is key here!  With some added swimming to help me out :)

OK so for the feel good factor... I WILL DO THIS, I CAN DO THIS..... JUST WATCH ME!!!

I thought a little swim would help...and it did!  I feel great, relaxed and ready to take on the world again!  Hmmm one day at a time! :)

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