Thursday, 7 February 2013

Day 27...

(Borrowed from Google images)

Yes, I am feeling good today! :)  And it feels great to feel good! No aches or pains either so I think all that stretching I did at the exercise session last night must of helped my back!  WOW what a day!  I am feeling like nothing can stop me now, in a VERY positive mood, the weight is showing signs of coming off... 1 stone and 1 pound down, this is the start.  Its just going to keep coming off now!  But of course it is... watch this space!

What I ate today... 07th February 2013


One sachet of porridge made with skimmed milk.


A little handful of mixed nuts, in this little pot so it seems like loads! ( I only actually eat half of it!)


Yummy half carton of Chicken and vegetable broth and 2 Teriyaki rice cakes.


This is my first healthy curry!  Chicken curry with mange tout and baby corn and brown rice.


2 Organic crunchy peanut butter on wholewheat crackerbread with sliced banana. (Yummy)

Its now 12.05pm (lunch time) and to be honest I am not hungry... going to leave it another hour and then look at lunch for 1pm.  I have to listen to my body, and if I am not hungry then I am not going to force the food in me!  Ooohh that is so crazy... I remember it was not that long ago where I would be stuffing my face with anything and everything all day! Yup ate lunch just after 1pm.. felt ok eating it then.

Just looking at my food above and thinking mmm maybe a little colour needed!  Its very dull food at the moment... OK so dinner I will do in full colour! :)  OK so dinner is not full colour, but slightly better I think!  Its something new I put together and it actually tastes really really nice.  And 100g of rice I think is a tad too much... I left about quarter, so maybe I will cook less next time!  I really enjoy trying new things, makes meal times seem exciting, it does if it tastes nice!!

The organic peanut butter and banana is a new snack for me, a treat you could say!  But a healthy nice treat!  I really love this!! But am aware not to have it to often.  mmmm

You know when I think for a little while how far I have come, even in this short space of time I think its mad!  I will do a page on what I used to eat in a typical day and what I eat now... you will be so shocked and then like me you will be in constant amazement at how well I am doing!  Its a case of some days I have to pinch myself to just confirm that I am doing this! 

It is the easiest healthy eating program I have ever followed.  Not wanting to slate Weight Watchers, Rosemary Conley, Atkins Diet, Cabbage Diet, Slimming World Diet, Slim Fast Diet,  Herbalife Diet, these and a few more I have previously tried... and failed at!  What I am doing now IS easy to follow, and I think with the positive mental attitude I now have and I am in a much happier place to put 100% of my effort into this.

So what am I doing... AH!! Take a look! 

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