Sunday, 10 February 2013

Day 30...

What a grey cold rainy day.  And still feeling a tad under the weather... 

Got a phone call this morning, from my parents!  They live in the area and invited me and other half along to join them, we all went to Gala Bingo!! :)  Now I don't know what it is about bingo, but I love it!  I love the shouting and running around waving arms when I win!  Oh yes I do this!! Next your going to ask if I won... but of course! lol  :)

I did eat at the Bingo, the choice of food was very limited, being lunch time on a Sunday they had beef roast dinner!  So naturally this is what I had!  The portion size was not huge, I did not eat it all.  It was nice.

Back home and been mooching about Facebook!  I catch up with my Open University friends and just seeing what people have been up to really.  The mooched about on the Open University Student Home page and module pages... catching up there too!  Not really a lot going on, so once I have updated this today I am going to do some studying.

What I ate today... 10th February 2013


Banana and mixed nuts.


Beef roast dinner at the Bingo!  No photo as phone being repaired or replaced and did not have i pad on me.  Had, carrots, peas, (about a table spoon of each) 2 small slices of beef, 2 table spoons of gravy, 3 medium roast potatoe's, mash potato which I did not eat and I ate half a small yorkshire pudding.


Not really feeling that hungry so had a rather odd combination of food. :)  I had roasted parsnips and sprouts!  With broccoli and tuna, egg kind of omelette but much thicker.

I have drank heaps today, so that is probably why I am not that hungry!  

Still having a dilemma about my wedding and engagement rings... they are constantly slipping off my finger... I know this is great, I am happy BUT... what do I do???!!! Ok so I have a really nice gold chain, with a locket on my parents bought me, should I put them on that?  That would mean I should wear it every day, as I currently don't.  Hmmm or just leave them off?  Now that would feel strange I think?  Like I lost them off my finger... like being naked! Got to do something before I do actually lose them.  Think...think...

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