Monday, 11 February 2013

Day 31...

Today it started to snow again!  Nooooo!!! Cannot be doing with that again!

Need to go shopping today and fill car up with petrol... always something to do!  No exercise class until Tuesday night, although there is a petition going about to have a Monday night session.  This I could do with after the weekend, oh not that I eat and drink over it, no not at all... just think it a good idea to get back into the swing of the week.  The Weight Loss Guys do actually have a morning slot, 9.30am!  Hmmm this is just not suitable for Han as she does not do mornings!  And as she is only in college Wednesday, Thursday and Friday she lies in the other days! Hmmmm

I have been out for breakfast and lunch, the photos taken are done using the Nokiasaurus!!   I guess they are not bad, just a bit foggy!  Then dinner I took the photo on my i pad, you can see the quality difference! 

Did a bit of experimenting with dinner this evening!  I used to really enjoy eating wraps, with anything in them, Han loves them too.  So come up with something new and I actually think I can now live without wraps! :)  They are very filling too.

What I ate today... 11th February 2013


I had 2 bananas and mixed berry fruit tea.  


Mixed bought salad (just leaves) with low fat honey and mustard dressing.  Also small bought pot of melon pieces and grapes.


Egg wrap (a very thin omelette) filled with prawn stir fry in a chilli sauce.

Oh yes!!! I should mention, yesterday I was really thirsty and bought a diet coke, hmmm did not want to, but did!  And well took a mouthful and swallowed and OMG!! Bearing in mind that I have not had any fizzy drinks in ages...29 days in fact,  I really did not like the taste at all.  So sweet!! I left it, could not drink it!  Never drinking it again!  To me this is totally mental, I used to drink bottles of diet coke, pepsi max and other low calorie fizzy drinks... and now... dont like the taste of them!  Guess my taste buds have changed! lol 

I am feeling good, happy and still on it!! That is the main thing, I say this everyday in hope that if my feelings or state of mind slips I will be able to recognize that, and sort my self out!! I guess its a kind of check in, and today all is well! :)

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