Friday, 8 February 2013

Day 28...

Oh my what a day!  So I went to the GP for my iron blood test first thing this morning... the nurse tried twice in my hands to draw blood, with no luck!  And said no point in my arms as the veins are so deep... this is apparently a common problem with  overweight people :(  I have always been a problem to get blood out of... so the nurse sent me to the hospital path lab for them to do it!  They looked at my hand and said "OH" and took it from near my right elbow!  A new place for me! 

Photo of my sore hands after no joy at GP surgery... and yes they will bruise, they always do.

I have not heard anything from the GP surgery so I assume that my bloods are getting better?  Hope so!

It feels like I have been rushing around today, but in reality I don't think I have.  After finishing at the path lab I had to rush home collect my books and folder as I had a maths lesson (its extra tuition I have to increase my skills, helps with my dyscalculia).  Hmmm waited and people... no maths lesson :(  Called the tutor, OH its cancelled!  They just forgot to call me!! AAArrrrrrrggghhhh!!!  So drove back home.  Tried to do some Open University work, got a bit done... NEED to do more.  Tomorrow I have put aside to study so its fine :)

Just eaten dinner and relaxing now before going to another FitBody Formula RockStar Challenge session!  

What I ate today... 08th February 2013


Handful of mixed nuts and a banana


Apple, I love this gadget!


Half a tub of Chicken piri piri soup


Mixed fruit cocktail, so refreshing.


Chicken curry (spare from yesterday!)  does not look a lot, but actually was and very filling.

I don't think I am over the fact that I am eating much smaller amounts... its really really hard to get my head around.  One day I hope it just clicks and I accept it?  Or maybe it will be one of those things that I learn to live with and accept that I now eat healthy smaller portions of food.  I do love eating healthily though, I love all the experimenting and creating new things to eat, its fun!  And why should this be serious?  I am doing this after all to feel good... so if it makes me smile then great! :)

I have not actually posted any photos of me yet... this is due to being highly embarrassed at my size and the fact that I did this to myself.  Its a barrier I am trying to get over.  I do have 'fat' photos of me, which I really dislike... saying that, soon I will have a 'changing' photo showing my progress so far... hmmm maybe I will wait until I have lost a bit more weight.  That possibly might give me the courage to post my photos?  

I have this fear... previously when loosing weight I have only ever lost 3 stones, could not get over this.  So this is the test for me... get over 3 stone and then I maybe will be a bit more relaxed?  Its strange because I know I am going to succeed, I  am going to loose weight... but I have this hurdle of 3 stone to get over... I CAN DO THIS!!!  YES, I know I can!

The exercise session was AMAZING!! Really!  I made my fat cry!  I love that saying :) Everyone at The weight Loss Guys is so supportive and friendly, I am so so pleased I found it.  And whats more I really love going there, and do not at all feel out of place... this makes all the difference and I believe is helping with my happy positive mental attitude. 

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