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I sat thinking about things whilst drinking my freshly squeezed pink grapefruit and orange juice this morning, just at how different things are now!

I have mentioned a few times how I am in amazement at why I am not constantly hungry all the time, and that I don't crave sweet foods.  And how now after all this time, how now I have found it in me to actually do this!  I think of it like I have switched the light bulb on, and I am aware more now, previously I must of been in denial and sitting in the dark!  So I thought I would look into this deeper today, and try and get my head around this!  

The Weight Loss Guys have a magazine and I wanted to share this article, I read it and thought this makes total sense! 

What Makes Us Overeat?

It's the downfall of every diet you try. You're eating the right foods, you're exercising,'re overeating. Each time you reach for a serving of apple pie, that second chicken cutlet, or another slice of pizza, you're not thinking about how it might wreak havoc with your diet plans. But afterwards, you'll regret it and it will leave you wondering just how much is too much.

Too many dieters fall into the trap of binge eating while on a diet. They're not really hungry, but they can't stop themselves from reaching for
more food.  How many times have you heard a person look at someone who has some weight to lose and say they have no willpower. That must surely be the reason they are overweight, right? If they'd only stop putting food in their mouth, they'd lose weight. Others may say that the person has developed habits that they need to change in order to be successful at losing weight.  A person is overeating when they continue to eat, even when they are not hungry. Most people in America overeat, which is why obesity has grown steadily over the past few decades.

What makes a person overeat if they aren't hungry? Is it lack of willpower, as some people assume? Or is it something that has become a
habit that can be changed?

Definition of Willpower

The definition of willpower is having control over ones actions, and being able to control impulses. Willpower is not a constant thing. It changes with your emotions. For instance, when you are feeling good about yourself, your willpower may be strong. When something has happened in your life that gets your down or causes stress, you may feel that you have to struggle to maintain your willpower.

Definition of Habit

The definition of habit is an acquired behavior pattern that, when repeated often enough, becomes involuntary. A lot of people reach for food without even thinking. In fact, at the end of the day most people couldn't accurately tell you what they ate during the day because they weren't paying attention.

So which is it that really keeps you overeating? To some degree, both willpower and habit contribute to overeating. You need to have willpower in order to break the pattern of overeating and change the habit. But there is more at play than just these two things.
When a person is unable to stay on a diet, for whatever reason, he or she becomes depressed. This works against their willpower and changes the psychology of the mind to believe there is no reason to try any longer, making it easier for the person to fall back on old habits. Developing new habits can help sustain your willpower.

Strategies to Stop Overeating

Learn what a healthy portion size is and stick to it. Americans have gotten used to "super" sizes, but we don't really need to eat that much. In fact, a healthy portion is much smaller.

Divide your plate into sections. Don't deprive yourself from sampling your favorite foods. Instead of taking a big portion of lasagna to fill your plate, take a small portion and fill the rest of the plate with healthy vegetables or salad to help fill you.

Drink water during a meal or when you are tempted to eat outside of a meal to create a feeling of being. You may be mistaking hunger for being dehydrated.

Eat fiber rich foods. Fiber absorbs water and expands in the stomach, creating a feeling of being full.

Don't "taste-test" your food while cooking. There are calories in those little spoonfuls you're taking during meal preparation. You may be testing so much that you've had half a meal before you even sit down at the dinner table.

Eat healthy fruit desserts. Instead of chocolate cake, try a bowl of fruit salad. It'll satisfy your sweet-tooth, while give you a feeling of indulgence.

Keep a journal. Write down every single bit of food you put in your mouth. It will be eye opening at first.  After a while, your habits will change and you won't need the journal anymore.

By changing just a few habits, you will find your willpower increases, you'll lose weight and feel healthier.

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So after reading this it is clear I have found will power and changed my habits.  And this to me was I thought a major hurdle to overcome.  I thought I had no will power!  Apparently I found some, as I really want to do this... and it is amazing what you can do if you give it 100%.  It's not easy re-training yourself, and I had to stay with it, I did because I am determine to do this, I will give it my all and fight to get healthy.  Changing your mind set is hard, I like eating... don't we all!   Its just that I had to keep telling myself there are better healthier options... eat them!!

The strategies to stop over eating are really interesting, I certainly now take a small portion and fill my plate with healthy veg or salad... I do think its psychological as I still see a full plate, OK so its a smaller plate as I downsized!  But its full, full of healthy food, that is the difference!

Hmmm the water... I still don't like water, finding ways to overcome this.  Trying flavourings now...squeezed fresh pink grapefruit (just a small amount) into water, that is nice.  Lemon has the same effect too.  I just cannot drink it plain.  But I AM working on it and WILL overcome this... maybe I will wean myself off the 'added' flavour to eventually be able to drink just plain water... a plan!! :)

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