Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Day 45...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

OOOh feeling good today!!  Why?? I am alive!!! I know what I have to do... smile and enjoy it!!  I can and will... and yes! Watch me!! :) 

Today is another day!  Today is a GREAT DAY!! Everyday is a day to do my best :)  And I can do this!!

What I ate today... Tuesday 26th February 2013


2 medallions of bacon, 2 table spoons of baked beans and scrambled egg.


2 crackerbread with nutella, with strawberries and banana slices.  Also a bowl of fresh chopped strawberries, banana and kiwi :) mmm


Chicken breast diced with broccoli, carrots and cauliflower mixed with half a jar of Malaysian style Massaman and half a tin of reduced fat coconut milk (kind of a curry) Hot!!

The photo does not do it justice!  I agree it looks like slop!  Its a really tasty curry, quite spicy and really yummy!  I did not eat it with anything, no rice as I thought it would be filling enough without it...and it was!  I and Han enjoyed this and we are going to make it again.

Ok so went to the exercise session this evening and really enjoyed it!  Spoke to The Weight Loss Guys afterwards as needed to check I am eating OK... hmmm 

Well it appears a few changes are in order! lol

No nutella!
No organic peanut butter!
No porridge!
Only a few- ie: 5/6 nuts!

And it appears I am not eating enough protein!  So having a re-think and as of tomorrow am changing my foods about a bit! 

I felt good as they were impressed that I was logging all my food and this is a hard thing to do... being honest about it.  This is actually why I am doing this blog!  So I cannot cheat!  Photo's of everything!  And they could see what I am eating and make tweeks... its all good!

So my mission what I am looking into this evening is making my own low fat, low sugar, low carb, high protein bars!  There has to be an ingredients list out there somewhere that I can erm... borrow to make!?  I feel a cooking session coming on to find the perfect healthy bar!  I will if I come up with anything, make and try it and post it!  Should be be interesting! :)

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