Sunday, 24 February 2013


(Borrowed off Google Images)

Over the last couple of days I have been thinking...  I did get a little low at one point as I thought I was destined to be fat.  But then I realized that its ME and ME alone that can sort this!  So I posted this image I borrowed off Google Images and I think it says it all!  

It is strange how people cope with things, I just thought no! something else now!... what ever next!  But like I say after thinking about what I really want... and that is not to dwell or be negative about anything that has happened to me.  Its to be positive that I am actually OK and I can and will do this.  I was not looking for an excuse but I am really aware that if I was in the wrong frame of mind I could of just held my hands up and said.."enough is enough" and thrown the towel in.  Just as well I am stronger than I was and that I actually do want to lose weight this time.

I discussed this with my daughter and said that I cannot believe that its one thing after another, I just want to lose weight!  Han is very supportive, I guess we bounce off each other and encourage one another which is nice.  She gave me a virtual slap and basically made me see sense that I need to do it, and made me remember why I was doing this!  She's great!! :)

when I go back to The Weight Loss Guys this coming week its all change, with the switch over onto the new scales.  So I am just going to get weighed as planned on the Friday and start again... I am not going to dwell on what the difference is between what the old and new scales say.  Its just unnecessary stress I could do without!  

OK so from now on I am going to take each day as a new challenge and do my best every day.  Eat healthily (as I am doing) and exercise... looking at it on a daily basis makes the challenge seem really manageable.  

My new motto is one day at a time! :)

 (Borrowed from Google Images)

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  1. Well done. We all have patches like this and often fall at this point, but you have not!! I so admire you for keeping off the cakes in Amsterdam, I am not sure I could have done that. Hopefully you and Han can keep supporting each other. And you are so right, it is only one day at a time:)


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