Friday, 22 February 2013

Why list...

OK so this is my 'why' list, why I am on this journey...


1. Don't want to be an NHS statistic.

2. Don't want to die.
3. Don't want to get type 2 diabetes.
4. Don't want to get heart problems.
5. Don't want to get joint problems.
6. Want to feel happy with myself.
7. Want to be able to shop in any outlet.
8. Want to feel comfortable.
9. Want to feel comfortable with the clothes I wear.
10. Don't want to wear dull boring clothes 'tent wear'.
11. Want to be able to say 'no' and make the right food choices.
12. Want to be a good role model for my daughter.
13. Want to pass on good habits.
14. Want to feel happy.
15. Want to not be puffed out walking up stairs.
16. Want to be able to run up the street... if I want to!
17. Want to be able to wear knee length boots!
18. Want to be able to wear wellingtons!
19. Don't want to be embarrassed about myself.
20. Don't want to feel awkward in a room.
21. Don't want to be stared at.
22. Want to buy matching underwear.
23. Want to wear healed shoes.
24. Want to feel comfortable in a swimming costume.
25. Want to be able to sit on 'plastic' furniture without fear.
26. Want to enjoy exercise more.
27. Want to feel proud of myself.
28. Want to be healthier.
29. Don't want to be fat any more.

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  1. 25 is one only us big gals recognise...yet the day when the worry is gone...will one day soon be suddenly noticed!!


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