Saturday, 9 February 2013

Day 29...

So I am feeling good after the exercise session I had last night with The Weight Loss Guys.  The backs of my legs are a little sore, I can cope with this as its telling me I did some good that is why its hurting! lol  Mind over matter!

I have however woken up to sniffles, headache and a sore dry throat :(  Nothing major, I just know its there... and I need to get rid of it!!  The damn cough is driving me scatty, thankfully I have sugar free cough mixture!  And sugar free throat lozenges too!  

Decided I need a infusion of vitamins today!  So its vegetables and fruit all the way! mmmm

What I ate today... 09th February 2013


Freshly squeezed orange and pink grapefruit juice with fruit cocktail.


Handful of mixed nuts


Bowl of steamed mixed vegetables, as need the vitamin intake.  Gosh the cabbage is strong!  With my sore throat, the softness of the vegetables meant they were OK for me to eat.


Apple scooped out and filled with fruit cocktail... and experiment! Was nice :)


Mixed steamed vegetables with roasted sweet potato's and carrots.  With steamed wild pink salmon and a lemon and herb drizzle. (made it, will eat it later!)

Here is hoping that I will get over this... cold, quickly!  I have drank, herbal tea, lemsip, fresh juice and actually water today, must keep hydrated!  Off to relax and regenerate in bed... might help me recover quicker!  

Just because I am slightly under the weather it is not an invitation for me to slip, OH NO!! I will fight this and bounce back!  I am still here, still staying positive and still on a mission!

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