Tuesday, 26 February 2013


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Well exercise was like a 'naughty' word to me! Seriously its something I have never been good at and did not enjoy doing!  So I thought it more of a chore!  I saw no benefits apart from making me breathe really heavily and smell! (sweat!)  

Yes and OK over the past I have tried different things, exercise classes... they don't really work for me as I have no balance or co-ordination thanks to dyspraxia!  I do like swimming but not serious up and down swimming!  I like to just do my own thing.  And I like sitting in the steam room and sauna mostly!

So when I signed up to The Weight Loss Guys I kind of knew I would have to do some exercise!  As well as eating healthily... but OMG was it a shock what I actually had to do!  Watching the class I honestly thought how on earth me being me, the size I am, going to do or even manage one of those classes!  I class it more like circuit training!  Doing different exercises at different stations... crunches, sit ups, press ups, squats..etc.. in reps, 10 then 20  the 30 each time rotate around them.  It looked insane!! The first session I tried I literally nearly made myself sick!  And I worked so hard that all those muscles I had not used in a long time hurt like hell!  I could not walk down stairs, sit on the loo or in a chair without feeling pain!  It was good though!  I enjoyed it! What an odd thing to say! :)

So where am I now... OK so I still like exercise, I don't see it as a chore.  I like attending the exercise sessions with The Weight Loss Guys :)  And I still go swimming and relax whilst there!  And I think my feeling towards exercise have changed... I understand to do it brings a good feeling, happy feeling, and I like that feeling so do it more!  That is the 'dolphins'!! Han and I call it that as its easier!  Oh hope no 'health experts' are reading this?! lol 

Being the size I am I honestly never thought I was capable of doing half the things I do!  I think its mind over matter and now I have learnt to try it before saying, no cant do it!  Its funny because it always comes back to your mind and how you think and do things.  My mind is in a much better place than where it was before... accepting change and wanting change helps!  

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