Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Day 32...

Today is Pancake day! :)  And the first thing that pops into my head is mmmmm!!  

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Well today has been an interesting day already, and its Pancake day!  I received a lovely card in the post today, made me feel all warm inside...

I really DO love exercising with The Weight Loss Guys :)  And this card made me feel... GREAT today :)  Ah...job done there then! 

Now being pancake day I did deliberate over having or not having pancakes... now I know what your  thinking... what about when its... eat all you can day, or stuff your face with chocolate day!! ... erm... well nothing!! And to be honest we had healthy pancakes! :)

Han and I discussed this and thought we would rather be included than excluded from the tradition of eating pancakes!  So that is that!! :)

What I ate today... 12th February 2013


Mmmmm!! Pancake with nutella and banana :)... A smiley pancake!


Fresh half a pot of Chicken and vegetable broth...so yummy :)


Something new... spicy mince in tomato sauce, green beans, carrots and sliced sweet potato's.  (was really spicy and yummy)

It looks like I have not eaten a lot today, but what I have eaten, let me tell you has been VERY filling.  And yes today I have made sure that I have drank plenty of water... well ok slightly flavoured with sugar free squash.  I cannot seem to drink water plain, not yet any way.  I will get there...

What a lovely day I had today :)  I need to do some Open University work... must make time for this... I have a tutorial with my dyslexic tutor tomorrow on skype, I am looking forward to that as its getting me back into studying after my break.  Tomorrow I also have FitBody Formula exercise session.....woo hooo..... yeah!!  

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