Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Day 26...

Right well got up today and ooohhh pain down my right side :(  I think its a pulled muscle in my back.  So today am popping pain killers to help.  No idea what I have done, its fine as long as I don't life my right leg up!  I am hoping with some movement today it will ease... hmmm it had better!  Its just a twinge, something I can feel, I know its there type of thing.  I am still going along this evening to the exercise session... it may actually help doing some stretching? And light exercise, nothing exerting as I still have no energy to run around like a nutter at the moment.  Roll on Friday when I get my blood taken again, and they can hopefully tell me my iron levels have gone up.

Right... 26 days... just a shame I have not been able to exercise now for, OMG 7 days today!  I just hope with all that sitting about I have not put on weight... No I could not of, I have been eating really healthily, just not been able to burn anything :(

Oh a slightly positive note, my i phone is being collected by my insurer tomorrow (Thursday)  to be assessed.  If it can be fixed it will be, if not then a new one will be organised.  And I have to pay the excess of £100, small price to pay really, as my i phone 3 GS cost an arm and leg! 

Oh this is a negative post today :(  Have to switch that frown to a smile and be positive now :) !! 

I am feeling happier now as things are OK today!  Things just have a way of working themselves out don't they!  Or it may be the calming influence of this lovely herbal caffeine free tea I am drinking!...hmmm maybe!  :)

Back to photos!!! :)

What I ate today... 06th February 2013


1 dry fried egg and 2 bacon medallions.  Does not look anything special, but tasted really nice! 


Apple cut into segments, with new gadget!


Half a carton of Chicken and vegetable broth.  Oh my this soup is really yummy :)


Fresh tossed salad with omelette and 1 gammon medallion (cut and added into omelette) 


Mixed nuts.

Am feeling rather chuffed and proud of myself as I managed to take photos on my i pad and then put them in here!  :)  Go me!! :)

And more positiveness...  I got weighed this evening at the exercise session... I have in 26 days now lost 1 stone and 1 pound!  And that is with 7 days resting doing nothing!  As long as my weight is going down, which is the right direction I am happy :)  Considering what I have been through in the last 7 days I think I have done really well, virtual pat on the back!! :) 

GO ME!! GO ME!! 1 stone 1 pound gone!!! Yippppeeeeee 

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  1. A little bit of moaning is allowed you know. Life isn't 100% positive. :) Well done on how much weight lost so far. :)


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