Saturday, 23 February 2013

Day 41...

Today started out great, felt very positive and was going to exercise in the evening too...

Now if your reading this and thinking I am talking in the past tense this is because I am!  See I had a very eventful day yesterday and am updating it now! 

But totally out of my control at a doctors appointment for a totally unrelated issue the doctor asked the question... are you generally feeling well... OH No!!  I had noticed yesterday that my left leg was feeling rather tight and a little painful and today just before attending the appointment I wanted to wear some little boots, well could not do them up on my left leg so was starting to think the worse.  I have an old DVT injury to my left leg and it has in the past clotted again causing me lots of pain.  So naturally I am concerned so mentioned it... hmmm The GP said best be safe and sent me to the hospital to get looked at there and then.  So that appointment was at 3pm and missing the middle bits out I eventually got home for around 10.30pm!! A long day! 

Not only that as the hospital had to take blood this was a major head ache for me as I am so difficult to get blood out of :(  It took the staff nurse 6 attempts and he failed, then I had to wait for an antithesis to take blood!  She got it first time!  So yes 7 now nice bruises on me from that! :(

What I ate today... Friday 22nd February 2013


Scrambled egg, dry fried egg and beans.


2 crackerbreads with organic crunchy peanut butter.


In the hospital I shared a wholemeal tuna sandwich with Han, we ended up having half of a sandwich each.  With about 5 cups of tea and coffee!

When we got home around 10.30pm we were tired and went to bed.

Some photos of Han making light of the fact we were in hospital!  Never a dull moment!

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